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July 28, 2004



And he knocked-up Liz Hurley!

capt joe

I remember the fight between him and Sean Penn. He dropped Penn after Penn went to Iraq. Penn then claimed his dissent was being stiffled.

Maybe the whole thing was a putt on.


Well FundRace.com comes up with several Bings; most are Demos.


What did Bush know and when did he know it about this? TIMING OF THE LEAK!!!


Is Bing connected to the mob? What do you think the Democrats are?


I think the Dems' compulsive leak-hunting means they literally can not handle the truth.

Does this mean Chandler was also in with the mob?


I like the Kerkorian/Lisa Bonder/Steve Bing story best. Kerkorian's estranged wife Bonder sues for child support, Kerkorian hires detective to get a DNA sample from Bing's trash--in order to prove Bing's paternity, Bing sues Kerkorian for privacy invasion, Bing drops ("settles") suit after the 84 year old Kerkorian explains that he's sterile and couldn't fathered child. I wonder where Kerkorian got the idea that Bing father Bonder's child? (This all happened before the Liz Hurley episode. Talk about spreading the seed around!)

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