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July 17, 2004



Hey! Leave Dianne alone! She's the smartest Senator California has!

Brad DeLong

The life of a centrist Democrat is indeed a very hard one...


LOL. Prof, there are folks who will think that you are guessing, rather than speaking from personal experience.

I actually looked up Ms. Feinstein on the Poole rankings (somewhat belatedly) and she is, amongst Dems, centrist or right.


The security of Israel comes first! Dianne Feinstein best friend Sen. Lantos knows it better, he does not have qualms and he is a democrat. Better yet Liberman have not doubt about war mongering in the Middle East.

It is a "Clean break to secure the realm". Why Sen Dianne Feinstein should have any doubts?

Sobing over spill milk or crying over death bodies what is the diference when true and moral sense of human dignity and responsability become the prostitute of arms sales?

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