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July 06, 2004



Chortle away, but today I get to chortle back: no Gephardt for you.


Groan. So much for that Bold Prediction.


I'm always beguiled by the prospect of boldly predicting an event (like when I said Dean would win Iowa). What I fail to take into account is the timid eating of crow that such an act of boldness precipitates.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Oh c'mon, Theresa did better than that:

"the best nursery school teacher in the world"


Good point! And his nursery schools skills will be on display at the Dem convention... (I won't speculate about his inaugural)


Teresa's best motto is still: "I don't know if I want to be a monkey, though ... I'd like to be a dog... Do you know why? Wouldn't you like to be a dog? I would. Dogs are friendly."

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