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July 05, 2004



"for example, a politician might believe that alcohol consumption was a terrible thing, yet not advocate a return to Prohibition. However, in that scenario, it would be inconsistent for the politician to advocate legislation promoting beer sales."

Bad analogy. More accurate would be a politician might believe that alcohol comsuption was a terrible thing, yet, in the case where there is a very real threat of a return to Prohibition, he could advocate retaining people's right to choose whether or not to consume alcohol.


I don't see the threat of Prohibition, although I understand that to be a popular Dem bogey-man. Roe v. Wade did not specifically legalize abortion - it removed it from the list of issues decided by the states. E.g., Abortion was legalized in NY in 1970. So, even overturning Roe v. Wade (unlikely) would not automatically criminalize abortion.

Harry Forbes

Would we laugh at this?

Life Begins Before Cocktail Hour, Kerry Says

INDEPENDENCE, Iowa -- Amid a three-day bus tour in which he highlighted his values and cast himself as an acceptable alternative for conservative voters, John F. Kerry was quoted yesterday as saying he believes in abstinence from alcohol, but continues to favor unlimited drinking rights....

Fabulous Eggs

Knocking a Catholic for not taking a "principled stand" on drinking? What kind of sad equivocation are you people trying to make here? You folks need to start drinking.


Kerry also opposed the Laci Peterson law which "would make it a separate crime to kill or harm an unborn child during an assault on the mother.

I don't have to tell you - he supports the idea of protecting a foetus, but opposes the specifics of this bill, even though he believes life begins at conception. Well, at least he isn't offering a states rights argument.


The guy is a politician. He's got to say and the stuff that is politically popular.

BTW - George Bush is a nincompoop.

Victoria Alexander

i think that both of the canidates have a good stand on the issue of abortion. but i agree with Kerry in which he is leaving it in the hands of the women.

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