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July 12, 2004


Patrick R. Sullivan

Which reminds me to get around to viewing my new DVD of "Blow Up".

Brad DeLong

Cruel!... But effective!


Thanks. I'm actually back-pedaling a bit, or at least toning down my evil, hysterical cackling, in an Unsolved Mysteries post. My issues with Amb. Wilson notwithstanding, there is a larger story here.


The July/Aug 2004 American Spectator has an excellent article that shows how Sy Hersh is an unreliable lying conspiracy-monger, and takes apart his various discredited muck-raking stories and the con-men that were 'sources' for Sy Hersh's fictions. This includes Sy's slander of an Indian politician, his concocted fictions about Israel, his JFK "dark side of camelot" which turns out to be a cut-n-paste job of conspiracy theories that would do Oliver Stone proud, a slander against McCaffrey and our soldiers in 1991 Gulf War.

Read the article. A keeper.

It is totally unsurprising that Sy Hersh would peddle stories about Niger Uranium that turn to be discredited, that he attempts (and fails) to concoct a link between Abu Graib and Rumsfeld based on 'anonymous' sources that so often turn out to be nothing more than his presumptions.

After his 'journalism' gets discredited so many times, why is he given any byline in any 'respectable' journal?

At long last, has the New Yorker no shame?

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