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July 25, 2004



You have a point there, that the NYT would be more credible as a Web publication, so that on-the-fly corrections could be made. Print is too slow.

But ironically enough, NYT is the ONLY newspaper I never read online -- because of their "Register Before You Read Us" policy...

I'd like to know how many other Web users also refuse to register at NYT.com.



"In other news, the 9/11 Report's analysis of the cockpit voice recorder data failed to provide any evidence supporting President Bush's controversial allegation that Iraq was attempting to purchase uranium in Africa..."

(Joe Wilson, on his first day as a new Times reporter).


What no mention of Abu Ghraib?



I don't think the NYT would be credible as a web only publication. While they do sometimes print corrections in their newspaper, they rarely update their website.


"In other news, the 9/11 Report's analysis of the cockpit voice recorder data failed to provide any evidence supporting President Bush's controversial allegation that Iraq was attempting to purchase uranium in Africa..."

... or that he was was not AWOL from his teeth, er, National Guard, while in Alabama.

maggie katzen

A.R. I don't read it either. I usually try to get a friends log on to read things like that. Just don't know anyone yet. ;D

Buddy Larsen

The other NY paper, the Wall Street Journal, is assumed by many to be mere financial news, with a Rockefeller country-club slant. Nay, perhaps decades ago, but now? No. Fuddy-duddy, grampaw's paper? Not lately; in fact, it makes the straining-for-hip at NYTimes seem so silly it's almost unfair. And the financial reporting is not over about half the ink--mostly the index numbers, I don't use 'em, the net is better--the great feature is the intelligence and sensitivity of the world/national news coverage. Without writing a book, let me just say the antennae are marvelous over there, the treatment assumes not just reader literacy but reader fair-minded decency. Daily 'features' concern lots of gem-like little stand-alones from odd corners of the world, intensely written and literary without deliberately meaning to be--at least, in no way that shows.There is no slant in the features, reader gets info that can as easily be cast left as right. The editorials are marked as such, the contempt for the reader seen at the NYTimes in the fraudulent presentation of opinion as news simply does not exist at the WSJ. An overall editorial philosophy? best described as Lockean, that all we do flows from the principle of right-and-wrong, and that the definition may be mutable-to-circumstance, but the principle is to be always ignored at great risk of grave personal consequences for morale and self-respect. Just google 'John Locke', there've been many Lockean philosophers since, but start there, in 5 minutes you'll see exactly what's wrong with the NYTimes, and why perhaps it is under so much pressure these days, as so much truth seems to be breaking out all over.


I don't know what drugs they are using at the NYT, but I don't want any.
All the news fit to wrap fish.


Damn your eyes jrdroll, that what I was going to say...

Dave Perkins

I for one refuse to register at nyt OR at the LATimes.. it's a cynical attempt to add me to a database in order to sell it to advertisers and make more money for the paper, while the paper harangues capitalism and derides money-making people and demands they be taxed "their fair share"..

Note to NYTimes: you don't become morally superior just by pretending you already are.. you're in the newsbiz to make money, and you're making money... if wealth is evil, you're as evil as the rest of us.. but by altering our readership habits, we intend to purify you and make you less evil each year until finally you aren't evil at all..

you should be happy about this.. :-)

"for all the news that's printed to fit (our preconceptions)"

Sarah Brabazon-Biggar

Maggie, use www.bugmenot.com to get logins.


Maybe it's a Times thing. The ultra-conservative Seattle Times requires you to register, while the so-called liberal P-I doesn't.



"What no mention of Abu Ghraib?"

Yeah I'm in withdrawls already. :/

If they think that stuff is excessive. I wonder what they'd think of the "Crossing The Equator" ceremonies.

Probably call them "human rights abuses", ask Cuba and the Sudan to intervene in the UN and blame Bush for losing control over the military.


Jon Fellows

"The ultra-conservative Seattle Times?!"

Eileen, what color is the sky on your world?

The Times may be less liberal than the P-I, but in no sense can it be called right of center.

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