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July 08, 2004


Forbes Tuttle

Personally, I think bin Laden is dead in Tora Bora, but such a conspiritorial capture/handover could easily backfire on BushCo, as it would make the argument for a new team to handle the new world order somewhat plausible. You know, time to switch from a war fighting to a mop-up diplomacy operation: Taliban gone, OBL captured, and Iraq under new managment, Saddam captured.

Hell, they could even argue that while the "unilateralist" approach may have produced results in the ugliness of war fighting, it's clear that the "new" world order requires a consultative, rather than "go it alone," approach with our "allies."

I don't buy this argument simply because the WOT is not just about "bringing" bin Laden to justice. The Islamofacists have declared war on the "infidels," and this war won't be over until the conditions in the countries that serve as breeding grounds for terrorism--despotism--has been changed to political systems requiring consent of the governed.

What's shockingly inept about the TNR piece is that it presumes the Administration has the ability and resources to pull off such an event. The CIA has been tracking bin Laden since at least 1996, and yet have very little--regarding bin Laden--to show for it.

Has Tom Clancy even cooked up such a plot line?

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