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July 26, 2004



Queen .. er .. Ms. Heinz Kerry has made herself obnoxious in Pennsylvania politics since John Heinz died in am airplane crash years ago. When Rick Santorium ran to replace John as Senator from Pennsylvania, Queen Heinz complained that Santorium hadn't gotten her approval to be her husband's replacement on the Republican ticket. What gall. What a pain in the ass.

Paul Zrimsek

That last point becomes even harder to answer when you recall that Willis is not working for just any old left-wing media watchdog group, but one run by David "Trust me, I lied" Brock. Though I'd prefer to ignore Willis on grounds of banality and witlessness rather than guilt by association.


Looks like par for the course for Brock followers.

Based on my experience, Tom, you're more likely to get a Kennedy to vote for Bush than you'll ever see Oliver even acknowledging his f-up with an apology. It'll be someone else's fault.

Pretty funny, though.



Is it me or does Teresa have exceptionally thin skin, a serious ego problem and a hauteur worthy of Louis XIV's court? She certainly responded pretty strangely to repeated questioning.

That and some of her previous, largely unreported, negative statements about America leads me to believe she can be manipulated into completely blowing her stack. All you'd probably need is 3 to 5 reporters insisting on clarifications of some previous outrageous statements.

I'd like to see the video of that.

Steve Barton

The most generous interpretation of Mrs. Kerry's behavior comes from one of the things she said in the encounter, essentially: "He said I called this gathering un-American!" No she didn't say that, but that isn't what the reporter attributed to her and he was enquiring about. So, maybe she blew her stack over mis-understanding what the reporter asked.


Thin skin.
Behavior directly refuting her main point for the gathering.
Not ready for the big leagues, although she may well be a "big time" something or other...


Good job here and in Oliver's comments. Don't hold your breath waiting for him to admit that he's all wet here.

Nearly everything I've seen from MediaMatters shows it to be a colossal waste of money and only barely recognizable as an effort to expose conservative bias (chortle) in the press. Half their stuff seems to be pointing out arguments between lefty and righty pundits and declaring the righties wrong on the authority of the lefties. It's cargo-cult media criticism; they see right-wing outfits do it, but they just don't understand.


Of course you're all conveniently overlooking the fact that Heinz-Kerry has a personal beef/history with this particular reporter -- he has a history of attacking her, her husband, and her family. It was a stupid comment to make, but it wasn't just "thin skin."


You didn't think their exposing of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh as being slanted was a good use of money, Crank? :)


Whatis being conveniently overlooked is that, in their fistmeeting, Ms. Heinz Kerry adamantly denied having said "un-American", but did not give any sign that she knew the reporter OR his newspaper.

During her chat with the Governor she apparetnly found out who he was - then she came back and eventually told him to shove it.

But she was in full denial (or memory repression) before she knew who he was.

The PrecinctChair

Her return engagement is what makes it clear that this was a calculated plan to create a story. But what I find amazing is that a billionairess born and raised in luxury as one of the colonialists oppressing black Africans in Mozambique would be viewed as the victim when she abuses an American working stiff just doing his job as a member of the First Amendment protected media. It smacks of an arrogant elitism, as surely as the references to personal wealth on the part of Hildebeast and Billzebubba in their speaches last night did.

I have more to say on this matter on my blog.


She specifically denied saying "unAmerican" not just "activities." She is a liar and the charm offensive is now a dissemble campaign.

We all know that Michael Moore has a long history chasing down George Bush but if Bush lies and tells him to shove it, that's bad on him.


I think the sunday funnies moment was a shot across the bow in my direction.

Talk about your ultra-thin skin.

Go figure.....it's not like he'd accuse someone on the right of being a liar should they have screwed up so badly.


Since Atrios works there, in his honor I have a new post rehashing this and pounding on Media Matters.

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