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July 08, 2004



Just for fun, I checked Kaus at Open Secrets. No record of him donating to Kerry as of 5/31. We found out that Kaus was planning on voting for Kerry about a month ago. What did you think of his stated reasons? Pretty weak stuff imho.


Well, he doesn't like Kerry, so as a lesser of two awfuls vote his reasons are bound to be weak.

I have serious doubts about what the War on Terror might look like under Kerry. However, I also wonder whether Bush really can lead the country and the world, or whether he has hopelessly alienated too many people and countries.

Which comes back to Why I Am Not Worried - this election looks like it will be decided based on the war in Iraq, which Bush chose. Bush won't lose because a weak economy distracts the American electorate from his foreign policy successes; he won't lose because the Dems have nominated Elvis Presley and we are blinded by his charisma; he won't lose because a right-wing third party candiate drains away critical support (in short, he won't have his Dad's excuses).

IF (I say IF) Bush loses, it will be because he has failed to deliver an acceptable combination of results and rhetoric on Iraq. Well, gee, he picked the war, he ought to include fighting it and explaining it in his job description.

Anyway, I think/hope the news from Iraq will gte better and Bush will win easily. But if it doesn't, and he loses, well, he will deserve to.


Ah, how sweet it is to be the lesser of two evils...


Yeah, we'll know Karl Rove has conceded that point when he starts running "Better the devil you know" ads...

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