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July 21, 2004



Blistering. Wow.


McConnell's a joker. The Butler Report has considerable leeway in defining what constitutes 'well-founded'. For all McConnell knows, the assumptions underlying what's well-founded or not may themselves not be well-founded. Ironically, the Brits' black box intel can't see the light of day to prevent, get this, exposing intelligence assets. Ha! What a sham.


Gee Parse, great point. How can they keep sources and methods info under wraps, when the world needs to know whether it was the leaders of the world's two greatest democracies lying even though what they said hadn't been considered the least bit controversial for nearly a decade, or whether the problem was with one of history's most odious genocidal despotisms that was so malevolent, reckless, and histrionically devious that it was the first country in history to have its sovereignty officially partially suspended by what passes for the world community. Tough call.

Wilson has never had anything substantive of interest to say. You and I have as much info on the British assessment and the underlying intel it was based on as Wilson does or did. But even as he's run away from the only statements and innuendoes that put him on the map, he has confirmed that he's a preposterously vain and weird creep -- and he's helped illustrate that the lack of self-respect and brainpower in the media are even more dramatic than it had seemed.

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