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July 17, 2004


John Bravenec

Welcome to 2004. We've already seen how little apologizing the Times was willing to do when it came to admitting their culpability in perpetuating the WMD nonsense they were fed.

Perhaps liberals and conservatives could band together, show bipartisan support and send the Editor a hair shirt.


My seriously good idea would be to send the scribes at the NYT and other media outlets sealed packets of sweet mint tea until they cover the updated story.

Uncle Bill

With digestive biscuits made of yellow cake.

Mitch H.

The tea would make the authorities suspicious that bioweapons had been sent. Actually sending uranium through the public mails to public figures wouldn't just seem like a bomb threat - by some admittedly loose standards, it actually would represent a "dirty bomb" contamination.

So, in consideration, one might suggest that such a thing would be a bad idea, even in jest.

Stas` P

Thank You. Suspicious of a CIA cabal, I have always wonndered why Clinton appointee and carryover bi-partisan CIA director George Tenant was not on record about this Wilson issue.

As Sherlock Holmes remarked "...the strange thing was that the dog did NOT bark in the night..." Instead this supposed deafening silence turns out not to be silence at all, just muzzling on the part of the MSM and NYT.

My apologies to Mr. Tenant.

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