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July 15, 2004



Assuming, arguendo, that the 'senior intelligence official' hearsay about what the CIA uppity-ups that lorded over Plame say is being accurately reported by the LAT -

I know, think about that, all those "if's" -

then would not a curious liberal mind be infested with more questions?

What were/are our CIA assets in Niger?
How were they (not) used?
Why did Plame's bosses came up with Wilson's name out of the blue?
Had Wilson worked CIA WMD non/counter-proliferation issues before?

Would the SSIC staff have asked these questions?
Would Fitzgerald?

Will any reporter?

Let's be clear, Wilson was more qualified to go than say, Whoopi, but he was not the most qualified from what has been made public so far. He wasn't, and this is a widely believed meme, the former US Ambassador to Niger, for example.

It seems once Wilson went on the warpath - "the administration's trying to punish me through my wife, intimidate others, and what they've done is a crime" - reporters stopped thinking critically about Wilson and went after the administration wearing their watchdog hats. I also think reporters were intimidated about getting tarred in the Plame Name Game conspiracy and taking on Wilson's iconic whistleblower fame.

Let's see if that changes, especially for the reporters with Wilson egg yolks dripping from their chins.


Some of those questions are addressed in the Senate report:

Bah, it is not going to load...

OK, at one point, the report says, roughly, "we are not criticizing the CIA for sending an agent's husband, but we wish they had more assets and a better security system for dealing with this" The SSCI was clearly trying to figure out why Wilson seemed to know stuff that no one remembered telling him - possible honet errors, possible bonus tidbits from his wife, maybe Wilson is psychic, who knows?

And Wilson had taken a trip for the CIA in, IIRC, 1999. His wife suggested him for that as well, but maybe someone willl deny that, too.

As to whether Fitzgerald will ask these questions, he might, or might not. The odd thing about the unified Drum/Marshall position is that Drum wants to wait to se what Fitzgeraled says before deciding that Wilson is a liar; Marsahll says her involvement has no legal significance.

If Marshall is right, Fitzgerald won't comment on her involvement, will he? So what is Drum waiting for?



Bottom of p. 39 of the report.

"The former ambassador had traveled previously to Niger on the CIA's behalf [redacted]."

What are the odds that this was related to WMD non/counter-proliferation issues?

"Because the former ambassador did not uncover any information about [redacted] during this visit to Niger, CPD did not distribute an intelligence report on the visit."

Any information about uranium? Seems likely, doesn't it, since his wife recommended him and she was working counter-proliferation at the CIA's DO Counterproliferation Division (CPD) at the time?

Is the 1999 trip, and the fact he didn't find anything, a reason to come up with his name in the future without his wife suggesting him? I find the report pretty strong that Plame named Wilson for both trips.

Why? Are our assests in Niger, or Africa, so bad we need to send the former Ambassor to Gabon?

However, who is anonymous 'senior intelligence official' refering to as Plame's boss(es), Foley?

I couldn't find the qoute about not critizing the CIA for sending an agent's husband in the report.

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