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July 22, 2004


Paul Zrimsek

My working theory is that all Marshall's kvetching about timing is just a backhanded way of admitting that his latest Great Big Huge More On This Later Scoop is just as chimerical as all his previous Great Big Huge More On This Later Scoops. If it weren't, the crooked, lying Republican Attack Machine would presumably be trying to distract our attention from IT-- not from what we've been told is the mostly-harmless 9/11 report.

Paul Zrimsek

Which reminds me. At the risk of plagiarizing an argument from someone-or-other: If Berger's motive for swiping the documents was innocent, why doesn't he simply dispose of the whole issue by telling us what it was?


That's not all. The Kerry campaign has now removed their anti-terrorism plan from their website. I just blogged it. See http://www.talonnews.com/news/2004/july/0722_berger_kerry_website.shtml for the details.


Do they do it because they are really lazy, really busy, or just fricking a**h***s?

Darwin Finch



Berger REPEATEDLY took and DESTROYED documents related to AL QAIDA and BIN LADEN.

This is a CRIME. Good ole Sandy's stupidity is not an excuse.



What's more interesting to me is that these stolen documents might be unique originals. They're all individual copies of the same draft memo, but they might be unique in that they each have hand written notes by each original recipient.

If the stolen documents aren't photocopies of these individual draft memos then there is the possibility that crucial information, potentially damaging information, might be lost forever.

Frankly I don't know if these were photocopies or not. I damn well hope they are but, from what little is being said, I'm starting to think that they are originals. If the National Archives had to make photocopies of each classified document for each person that wanted to view them, and each time they wanted to view them, they'd be drowning in paper. Especially since a photocopy of a classified document has the same level of classification as the original document.

This tends to support the supposition that what were stolen were *original* and *unique* and thus irreplaceable.

Now I'm really really friggin curious to know what was in those draft memos. Since the stolen ones seem to all have belonged to Richard Clarke, who was tasked with the After Action Review of the Millenium Bomb Plot, I'm thinking that Richard Clarke might have been a LOT more negative about how Clinton handled terrorism. He might also have written any number of notes that could be politically damaging especially if he noted the Sudanese willing to hand over Bin Laden.

Written confirmation of these kinds of things would be absolutely deadly to Clinton's attempt at revising his "legacy" and would probably hammer Kerry's Presidential race flat.


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