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July 21, 2004



What thin silly broth from a bunch of Beltway lightweights. Neither Wilson's op-ed nor comments gave any reason to believe the Africa/uranium issues had been distorted or presented with any sort of bad faith, much less that lying had occurred. Didn't Wilson somewhere this week, in his frenzy of repositioning blurt out that he never claimed the Sixteen Words contained a lie?

This was an IQ test for the elite media (and others) -- and the scores have indicated that Johnny has "special needs" and can no longer be schooled with the rest of the kids. A little understanding of the world and 15 minutes with Google and a broadband connection, salted with at least some understanding of intel, sufficed to conclude that Wilson had little of interest to add (as the CIA apparently instantly concluded). That was BEFORE the Brits confirmed their confidence in the assessment and explained no forged documents were available to them in making it, and BEFORE various parliamentary groups took a look and pronounced the assessment reasonable.

I love the Post's slimy and desperate little dig, which is very common these days, that though the Wilson affair proved to be about nothing (the Seinfeld Crisis as I've called it since the outset), there were of course cases where the administration "exaggerated intelligence reports that were themselves flawed". Examples, please? Oh, and the inability to think rigorously shines through again; if an intelligence report proves flawed, that's a post-hoc reality, and is not relevant to the sincerity or precision of a statement based on it before its accuracy can be determined.

As I think Keegan put it, the big intelligence failure has been in the media, the "public intelligence system."

Patrick R. Sullivan

I still think the disingenuous, "Valerie had nothing to do with it" misstatement is huge. And that those like Max Sawicky and Bob Somerby who are peddling it as trivial know how damaging it is the question of whether her "outing" was criminal. For Wilson's outrage to be genuine he had to have been LITERALLY correct. If she was part of the story, then his claim that the Admin. officials were punishing her doesn't stand up.

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