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July 24, 2004




*shrug* Let's take this conspiracy stuff to it's logical conclusion:

Valerie Plame is a member of an internal CIA cabal that is dedicated to defeating President Bush not only in his reelection efforts but also the legitimacy of his administration and his conduct of the War on Terror.

To this end they decided to cook up a situation whereby the President could be heavily discredited. To do this they'd need a public front-man, Joe Wilson, a contrived situation that would offer the front-man legitimate circumstances to make his accusations. Additionally there needs to be some sort of false evidence that would substantiate the front-mans accusations.

To further conduct this any efforts towards actually making an investigation must be stopped as a real investigation might reveal facts that would counter the established position.

The front-man would need to coordinate with established columnists who would be willing to suspend their credulity in order to advance the agenda of the cabal.


Ok. So it's over the top. YOU tell ME how it is so many reporters and journalists were incapable of telling the difference between "bought" and "sought". Between "Niger" and "Africa". Between "CIA" and "British Intelligence".

While you're at it please throw in an explanation why these same reporters and journalists suddenly were incapable of using a web browser and noticing that there are at least three nations, including the Republic of Congo, that mine yellowcake.

What? They were all suddenly afflicted by Stupid-itis?


"What? They were all suddenly afflicted by Stupid-itis?"

Er, yes, along with a healthy dose of BDS or Bush Derangement Syndrome.

That and the fact that like most Michael Moore sycophants they were willing to take a mook like Joe Wilson's story at face value because hell, it made President Bush out to be a liar. Kristof and Pincus are just lazy agents in the service of Terry McAuliffe,s "cabal" and they didn't do their jobs because it was just to delicious to pass up and now they have proven themselves to be nitwits, stooges, and useful idiots.

I don't know about any CIA cabal to smear President Bush but if that was Wilson's, Plame's, Kristof's, Judis's, and Pincus' intentions they turned out to be incompetent boobs. Pretty much. I don't blame them for their cya behavior it's must be pretty tough on self-aware professional geniuses to display such brazen incompetence publically and then get paid handsomely for it to boot.

And as far as Kristof and Pincus et al are concerned the old bit of advice, "better to be thought a fool and remaining silent than opening one's mouth and proving it," applies. If they didn't know, which it's pretty obvious they didn't, the factual story behind Plame and Wilson's behavior and they were to lazy to find out for themselves, they would have been off just keeping their "stupid" mouths shut. Wouldn't you agree, Ed?

Jeez, what a bunch of pinheads.


That should have been McAuliffe's not McAuliffe,s and "they would have been better off just keeping their" is how the third to last sentence should have have read.

Preview is my friend.
Preview is my friend.
Preview is my friend.

Jim Glass

"Joe Wilson announced that all of these stories were based on misquotes and misattributions."

This is a guy who has had serious problem making himself understood for the past year.

He also seems to have had a tardiness problem in realizing it.

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