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July 29, 2004


capt joe

You are right Tom. An absolute disgrace.

How dare they arrest anyone in AQ or restore diplomacy before Kerry takes his rightful place as king, er president.

capt joe

I was amazed to discover that this sort of belief is called the texas sharpshooter fallacy.


J Mann

You know, if I were a conspiracy theorist, (some kind of GOP Josh Marshall), I'd argue that the TNR story was a KERRY plant - thanks to the article, any captures between publication and the election aren't winning the war on terror, they're "dirty tricks."


J Mann - that is part of the Rep response to this - that the Kerry side is trying to diminish and pre-spin any "good" news in the next few months.

Another part of the Rep response is, we've been arresting/killing Al Qaeda for over two years; it would be odd to stop now.

I seriously doubt that the mainstream Dem talking points will include Marshall's latest tirade.

capt joe

So why don't the republicans call him on this. Why don't they ask why capturing OBL is a bad thing.

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