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July 20, 2004



Glad to see you accept that the transaction did not take place. Apparently, Joe Wilson went to Niger looking for threats to U. S. security. He found none, because there were none.

One short meeting, 5 years ago, with an Iraqi who never even said what he was after (if anything), does not sound like a threat to the USA. Wilson reported back that there was zero chance that Iraq would actually get yellowcake from Niger. There is no evidence yet presented that he was wrong.

The issue is not now, nor has it ever been, whether Bush "lied". The 16 words were probably true. The reason they did not belong in the SOTU is that they were irrelevant. Doubly irrelevant.

1. Maybe Saddam "sought" uranium, but he didn't procure any.

2. Saddam already had 550 tons of yellowcake. Even if he got more, that in theory could be processed without being discovered by the annual IAEA inspection, it would require a processing plant and several years of work to come close to producing a weapon.

The entire rationale for going to war based on the Niger connection was simply false. Sorry, guys.


Ex post, ex ante, good faith, bad faith.

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