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August 05, 2004


Jay C.

It does them no good to be told to be scared, more scared or really scared, especially when they are also being told to act as if nothing's wrong. Unless the government is prepared to tell people to stay home from work, there's no reason to keep lighting the terror lamps. What we need is information that we can use, not another shot of adrenaline.

How much do these people get paid? It's bad enough that they contradict themselves so blatantly, but apparently have never visited the DHS website. I went there and in about a minute found a page that has links to all sorts of helpful information for us private citizens.


How much do these people get paid?

More than bloggers.


"information that we can use"

Do you suppose they mean something like "terrorists have been casing the following financial buildings, please pay extra attention in your daily lives, especially around similar targets"? Did I miss something, or is this the exact message you got from the alert?

Mike G

Are they so dense that they don't realize that the main purpose of the terror alerts is to inoculate the people making them against the after-the-fact omniscience of people like the Times editorial board?

Bryan C

So, basically, they're saying that terror alerts need to be binary, either "Everything is Great" or "Attack on Citicorp at 3:35PM Today". Because we're all milling around too scared and stupid to take the information that's available and make up our own minds. Thanks, NYT, I love you too!


Well, they're liberals, AND they hate Bush - they can't be helped. It's been pretty clear now for quite some time that if the Times opposes it, chances are, it's the right thing to do. And the opposite it true too.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, if the terrorists ever get the bomb, you can pretty much count on them finding a way to protect the Times, since they're so useful to them.


you can pretty much count on them finding a way to protect the Times...

I'm a subscriber, does that count?


Man! I am so glad I don't read the NYTimes. I want to know everything, that in it self, is comfort. The left wants to have its cake and eat it too. When will the left and the dems stop with the " 2nd great depression and the sky is falling" act, most people I talk to are starting to see the light. The more I read about Kerry, the more I don't like what he stands for. His real "Band of Brothers" has some pretty strong opinions about how the real Kerry is and I tend to agree with what they are saying. Bush has had his moments, but Kerry, wow! What a joke. I can't believe this guys thinks he should be president. From his views as a young man to his voting record in the 20yrs in the senate. I can't believe he has not split into two different mini-Kerry's!


Tim, perhaps if the admin didn't have such a penchant for stating 2+2=5, it'd be easier to believe them when they say 2+2=4. I can list the litany of lies and deceit (or incomptenence) if you need a reminder -- I list, you decide (incompetence or lie).

IN this case in particular -- Ridge politicized the announcement, AFTER the July Surprise story came true. The info is 3-4 years old, although it appears there might be more recent corrobating information. Personally, I don't see any value in the color coded system going public, when the threat is THIS ambigous and uncertain. They could easily alert the local police of the situation, building security, and increase security around the area -- without going public and increasing the warning system. The way things are going now, the alerts are on the brink of irrelevency from a crying wolf syndrome. So things definitely need to change.

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