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August 04, 2004



But if Kerry tracks closely with Wellstone, is it that far off to call him "liberal?" And Hannity correctly stated that he was "most liberal" in 2003 which is accurate... Somerby as usual is cherry-picking his data.

Also when will Krugman cherry-pick the most linked Somerby post of recent days and correct the Wilson record? That might be the act of a non-partisan pundit, and his followers claim he is that.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Kerry's ADA rating is 92 over his entire career. That's slightly to the left of Ted Kennedy.

Further, both Kerry and Edwards have moderated their votes in the last year or two to look Presidential. So, Somerby has it completely backwards:


Kerry Edwards

Lifetime 92 81

2003 85 65
2002 85 70
2001 95 95
2000 90 85
1999 95 90


I don't buy the "most liberal" thing, but as always with Kerry, his defenders can at most say what he is not, and dare not say what he is. In fact, many of the interest group scores over his career peg Kerry as quite liberal.


his defenders can at most say what he is not

He is not George Bush. I have only met one actual, live Kerry-booster, but he hates Bush more than I hated Clinton (no, really!), so it is hard to "dialogue" with him.



Considering the Kerry hasn't attended more than a handful of votes this year, does that skew the data?


Lynxx Pherrett

Kerry may not be the "most" liberal Senator; but he is the junior Senator from Massachusetts, and their Congressional delegations (House and Senate) definitely fall into the liberal wing of the Democratic party.

The ADA tally makes Kerry look more conservative because of the number of votes he missed -- they count missed votes as votes against the liberal position.

I put the ADA scores for the Mass delegations from 1996 through 2003 -- with a rating correction to exclude missed votes -- in this post:


Lynxx Pherrett

Ok, try the TinyURL instead.


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