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August 15, 2004




I remember very recently seeing a headline on The Drudge Report to the effect: "January not Christmas in Cambodia". I wanted to read it this morning but I can't find it anywhere in his list of "recent headlines". Wonder why.


As mentioned elsewhere, I believe, Cambodia is a Buddhist country, so technically, it is never Chistmas in Cambodia. Even today, the holiday is only nominally recognized for it's commercial value.


you say the "Kerry campaign thinks you can't handle the truth, which puzzles the Bear." Actually, you're quite misrepresenting what the Bear has to say, which is, "I'm not a campaign finance expert, so I don't really know what to make of this. Since the data comes from contributors themselves it isn't clear to me whether you can really fault the Kerry campaign for the deficiency --- unless they are supposed to refuse contributions that don't provide adequate disclosure, and that doesn't seem to be the case under FEC regulations as I understand them." Did you get that bit about "it isn't clear to me whether you can really fault the Kerry campaign?" Nothing in the article you link to supports your posted statement. Why do you want to mislead your readers?

And it's amusing to see people on the right getting worked up over Kerry saying he was in Cambodia in December, when he really was in Cambodia in January. Oh my god, he's unfit for command! No one is any longer denying that he was in Cambodia. On the other hand, we have Bush saying he served out his TANG duty when much evidence says otherwise, and no evidence exists to back up his claim. Kerry gets his dates mixed up (and this is something he last said.....17 years ago) and this is more important than Bush lying now to America about his National Guard service? Am I missing something here? Perhaps we should all really be concentrating on the issues that the country is facing now? Or would that be a bad idea because it would surely doom Bush to defeat?

Wild Bill

The Truth is what the left says it is.


Here's a little truth for you.



Yikes! A little more.


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