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August 05, 2004



So the FAM says that there was '"never an imminent threat" to the passengers or plane'. this doesn't mean that some or all of the Syrians weren't casing the flight, it just means that the FAM didn't think they were about to hijack or blow up the flight.

One of the criticisms of the story has been the number of syrians. If they were terrorists, why use 14 on a single flight? Remember that the exteme Islamist mindset is different than the secular/Christian western mindset. What if there were only a few of the Syrians that were terrorists? Would they be willing to hijack or blow up a plane that held innocent Muslims? I contend that they would be. They would consider the inncent Muslims to be martyrs and guaranteed a place in Heavan. For everyone that thinks that Islamic terrorists aren't willing to kill fellow Muslims, remember that they have already done so, repeatedly.


The Kid

Joe, er, Atef Kamel works with the band and met Flight 327 at the gates at LAX - he doesn't thing that anything extraordinary went on on that flight, but does have a few interesting things to say:

I asked Mr. Kamel about the lyrics to a song called "Um al Shaheed" -- "Mother of a Martyr" -- that Mr. Mehana has recorded. It is not about suicide bombers, he insisted, but about soldiers who die in battle. Besides, if Mr. Mehana didn't do that old standard, "the people wouldn't like him." Mr. Kamel was raised Muslim but is now Catholic; he stated that suicide bombing bars you from heaven in both religions. "If you kill yourself, you're evil."

And on this subject Mr. Kamel said something I didn't expect him say: there are Middle Eastern bands out there with ties to terror groups. "I am a proud Arab American," he said. "But I don't deny there are some bad people" out there. He then named a couple of singers -- I will demur from repeating their names, but they appear to be quite prominent in Middle Eastern music -- whom he said had tried to enter the United States but were turned down because of alleged connections to [radical] Shi'a or to Hezbollah. One of them played at a party linked to Hezbollah. A rockin' affair that must have been.

Mr. Kamel has no problem with keeping terror-linked bands out of the United States. "That's how I like it!" he said. "Check them out and stop them over there -- if there's a problem, don't even let them in." He also welcomed surveillance of the bands while in the United States: "You have to have some people follow [the bands] around, so you don't leave people behind. You don't want to come over with 14 and leave with 12."

In case you missed that: A successful promoter with intimate knowledge of the Middle Eastern music scene admits that a few connections exist between Islamic terrorists and musicians, and that care is warranted in screening the musicians' visits to the United States. For those of you in the "mere paranoia" camp: Denial isn't just a nightclub in New Jersey.

For the rest, go here.

Who was the guy in seat 1A?

Annoyingly Obnoxious Troll

From Time

He alerted another marshal on the plane and also told the flight attendant to notify the captain.

There were at least two (2) air marshals on that plane. I believe that with the number of flights in the US and the number of air marshals in service, density of air marshals should be around 0.25 air marshals per flight. And there was nothing of interest, right.

The Kid

AOT - since that routing was of interest on that date, it seems likely that all Detroit - LAX flights would have marshals no matter how dense they were.

Les Nessman

I still feel like this story is a little off.

OTOH, I wouldn't object to banning ANY Syrians from entering the U.S., regardless if this story is true or not.

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