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September 01, 2004



I grew up near Baltimore - so I wont comment on the Yanks losing.

A number of years ago I took my Pop to a Rockies game. The Braves were in town (Glavine, Maddox, Smoltz) and absolutely killed the Blake Street Bombers (Galarraga, Bichette, Burks, Walker, & sometimes Castilla) 17-2 or something. BUT my pop had not been to a game in twenty years - just being at the park with him was well worth it.

Pat Curley

CNNSI said it was the worst defeat by shutout in the history of the American League. :)


I'm not surprised to find out your a NY'er, with your sharp mind, and of course a Yankees fan.. Very nice to hear.

What can be said of the Yanks, they are slipping, but will regain footing as always. Remember, this is God's way of tormenting people from Boston. Its amazing how realistic it looks each year, yet the final results are pre-determined no?


Go Cardinals!!!!

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