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September 09, 2004



His beef is lost in the many continium of time. Or he just couldn't keep his dates straight.


A former Alabama National Guardsman says he remembers George Bush serving with him.


Is this the same Calhoun fella who "remembers" Bush being where even Bush doesn't calim he was?
Retired Lt. Col. John B. "Bill" Calhoun said Bush continued his Guard duties with the 187th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Montgomery from May to October 1972. Calhoun said Bush showed up for drills at least four times, maybe as many as six, during the period.

"I'm having to do this from memory, but I know he spent at least four drills with us there at that time," Calhoun said.

Military records from Texas, Alabama and Colorado, released by the White House on Friday and earlier last week, show Bush did not perform any Guard duties in 1972 from mid-April until late October.

The records also show Bush was authorized to work with another Alabama unit from May until August, and didn't consider transferring to the 187th until submitting a typed request to his Texas Guard superiors in September 1972.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Actually, Bush was on the Alabama base earlier than October. He probably was there in May to have the CO of the 9921st sign a form accepting him. He might have served there during June and July only to find out that he wasn't allowed to drill with that unit, sometime in August--thus drawing no pay, and generating no pay or attendance records.

A notice to that effect is cc'd to Bush care of the 9921st in Alabama on July 31st, '72. A notice he responded to by finding the 187th and being accepted by it, and reporting that to his COs in Houston the first week of September. Which they accepted a week or so later. So, Calhoun could easily have seen him when he says he did.

Anyway, another officer, Joe LeFevers, remembers seeing him on the base because he associates him with Red Blount's Senate campaign.


I'm America's greatest war hero. I served in a war. I have medals for Bravery, Courage, and Valor. Even the enemy honors my service in their War Museum of Heroes. I fought for America, before I re-examined the Government's official position on it. My wife says you're an idiot if you don't vote for me. How dare you stupid insophisicate tool Americans dare to Question My Patriotism! I was in Vietnam, you weren't! How dare you! If I can't win in the EC, we'll take it to the courts! How dare you! Voting?! We'll Crush You! Smugly.

Craig Diesslin

Could someone ask the secretary that Dan Rather interviewed whether or not she ever saw one of those fancy typewriters in the Texas national guard office? I don't buy the argument that one of them could have produced the memos, yet not asking this question seems a convenient oversight by Rather. Convenient oversight...hmmm.

Brennan Stout

Tom: You left out some important details. I hate to have to be the one to break this to you, but this story is really bigger than even John Avarosis is willing to say.

Pentagon Conducting Psy Ops: Target is United States

Gannon is Part of the Psy Ops US Mission

These two stories make for fantastic bed time reading.

Brennan Stout

Whoops. Wrong thread.

Nothing to see here.

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