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September 03, 2004



Agreed. But that wasn't good enough for the AP: they claim Bush's audience in Wisconsin booed Clinton's name at the mention of the bypass, and that Bush did nothing to stop them. ttp://www.boston.com/dailynews/247/region/Audience_boos_as_Bush_offers_bP.shtml

The problem is, it is a flat out G-- D--- lie. As Drudge says, "Developing". This could be devastating to the AP.

Why did they have to go ruin everybody's perfectly natural and immeadiate good wishes and sympathy with a blatant,politcally-motivated falsehood? That is some sad commentary on AP.


My prayers go out to Bill and Hill and Chelsea. I am not a fan of his either, but I wish him well.

Also, he was the only Dem who could keep the Moore/Chomsky wing in the shadows. He might be more important to the health of the nation than we Republicans would like to admit.

John Doe

You wrote: "My thoughts and prayers are with him."

Let us not forget the man has been creditably accused of raping four women.


Just remember...After the surgery, Clinton is going to be on various drugs to fight infection and suppress his immune system.

Many of these drugs have the side effect of eliminating libido...

Poetic justice?

Maybe it'll fall off, or the surgeon will cut in the wrong place....


Wishing Bill Clinton well as he convalesces from the 'being-hit-with-the -Mack-truck operation.This is not fun;may his vital spirit prevail!!
Warm regards from a late 60's Yalie(MFA,MFA '70)


Sending Bill, Hillary and Chelsea my very best wishes. I am happy to see that your operation went well and that you are now up and around. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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