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September 22, 2004



The could give him Dan's job in a settlement. Next to this guy Dan would look stable and moderate.

Appalled Moderate

Now, Burkett has admitted

Appalled Moderate

...lying to CBS about who gave him the documents (see yesterday's USA today.) he also admitted destroying the original document he was given.

It's not like Burkett made easy on CBS to authenticate this stuff. I really doubt he has much of a case


What is Burkett going to sue them for? Libeling him by calling him "unimpeachable?"

Patrick R. Sullivan

This is pretty clever on the part of Burkett. He's undoubtedly thinking they'll refuse to produce in discovery, and will default to him. He'll get something at least.

old maltese

'They can't exactly write him a settlement check to shut him up, can they?'

Why not? You think he's already told *everything* he knows?

Dan Collins

We really shouldn't characterize Burkett as the source of the memos. How about the "proximat source"?

Dan Collins

We can't really call him the "source" of the memos. How about the "proximate source"?

appalled moderate


To call Burkett the proximate source of the documents, we'd have to believe that he is now telling the truth this time around.

jack risko

Burkett's suit is a public relations stunt, since he was the forger of the dox August 14-21, 2004. See:


Thank you, Jack Risko

jack risko

Tom: I have tried to incorporate your thoughts, but I still think they point to Burkett alone.

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