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September 28, 2004



Rather than waging a successful jihad against the West, the followers of Osama bin Laden have created chaos and destruction in the house of Islam.

Aaah, I get it. This has been the Bushies' brilliant plan all along. To make AlQaeda so popular among the Muslims that it would destroy 'the house of Islam' from the inside. Clever, very clever. I was a doubter, but I am a doubter no longer. I can see the light. I think.


Yes, this is how we win, both in Iraq specifically and in the larger war on Islamic terrorism. By constantly pushing back, constantly pursuing offensive operations, constantly checking them whenever and wherever, by refusing to surrender, refusing to quit, refusing to let up, we take away their chances for victory. More importantly, as we raise the cost of their actions on them, their allies and local (i.e., moderate Muslims and similarly situated “by-standers”) fence-sitters, we take away their hope, and we leave them two options: surrender or die. That's how we win.

So, in light of this, why would anyone think Kerry would pursue this strategy? It requires us to be single-minded, constant, aggressive, assertive, resolute and, dare I say so, unilateral and preemptive. Kerry possesses none of those qualities or subscribes to those policies. Electing Kerry means adopting the failed strategies of the Clinton years and the Oslo Agreements. A recipe for failure, a dead-end in which only more dead Americans will be found.


Yep, abb1 has no plan but to vote for the guy whose plan is to enlist allies who've just announced that no matter what, even if Kerry is elected, there is no way they're sending troops to Iraq. Voting for the appeasement candidate is no answer, but that won't stop abb1 from throwing stones...


But Tim, you didn't base your post mainly upon snarkiness or use the cutesy term 'Bushies'. abb1 wins.

capt joe

abb1, zarqawi's sock puppet speaks again.

So abb1, do you have all the terrorist and serial killer trading cards yet. You know all that gum is bad for the indigestion.

I've given up trying to debate him and just prefer just to bait him. All you get out of abb1 is garbage anyway. Capital T troll, he is.


That's how we win.

There are no moderates anymore. In places like Pakistan, Jordan and Syria Usama bin Laden now enjoys popularity rating of over 60%. Bush - 1%. Get real, man.


And who got the other 39% abb1? Satan?


At last abb has made his preference clear--voting for bin Laden is the choice. Congrats. (Not that it was in doubt.)

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