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September 19, 2004


Frank G

never underestimate Terry McAuliffe's ability to screw things up for Kerry. TM's only qualification was in knowing Clinton and having the ability to raise $. His scandal at Global Crossing should've been warning enuf that he has a tin ear. Gaaaaawwwwddd I hope they keep him on :-)


Terry McAwful... What a maroon! He's still running with that canard that Bush "leapt past hundreds to join the Guard." WRONG! There was NO waiting list for anyone who wanted to become a fighter pilot in the TANG because of the lengthy active duty training requirement. And from what I've read, there is NO indication that Bush failed to meet all of his obligations.

A stupid enemy is a gift from God.


"Go, Attack Dems! Kill Faster! (Later, maybe you will figure out just who it is you are killing...)"

Me thinks you give them too much credit. Did they realize New England liberals haven't been elected since 1960? If so, why have they nominated Dukakis & Kerry? (Was that redundant?) Have they witnessed the House, Senate, governorships, etc. moving to the R's and therefore changed strategies or have they become more reactionary/socialistic?

Call in the circular firing squad!! The only way to restore the two party system is to get one of them off their collective bum. It took nearly 50 years to get the R's back to being a political force ('32-'80); I hope the D's don't stay on the sideline that long.

Or rather, I hope they throw the LLL's off the life raft soon.


The dem circular firing squad just fixed bayonets!


I believe a story a while ago said that President Bush said he did not recall seeing any of the documents. That would include the one ordering him to take a physical.


Well, the Kurtz story in the WaPo quotes Dan Bartlett of the WH as saying he showed the memos to Bush before CBS aired them, and Bush said he did not remember them. Bartlett did not comment on whether the Pres had a reaction to the content of the memos.

Shannon Love

I think the Democrats neglect that Bush has a strategic advantage in this matter: he knows what actually happened. The Dems are guessing and hoping but Bush knows. With this knowledge he knows what to say and when.

The Dems have convinced themselves that there is something in the AWOL story but I don't think they have considered the effects on their own prospects if there isn't.

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