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September 19, 2004



Believe me, as someone lived in Manhattan for 5 years, the editorial stance of the Gray Lady is a reflection of East Coast elitist provincialism of the vast majority of Times readers.

Talk about dittoheads.


I have been astonished at the factually challenged world the writers at the New York Times seem to live in - every time I see Maureen Dowd, or Paul Krugman, or any other New York Times person being interviewed, they always seems to mouth as gospel at least one factual inaccuracy. The seem to believe their self generated "facts". (example: "It has been proven that Saddam had no links to Al Qaeda") Anyone who had looked at the William Rood article should have been clear that he was talking about a different event. The old media seems to have been taken over by people who value writing skills more highly than accuracy.

Former Belgian

Nicholas Kristof should change his name to Nicholas Jackoff. Quel branleur/what a whanker.


Penraker, I can't be as generous as you re valuing writing skills more highly than accuracy. Have you read Maureen Dowd lately? Oh. Wait a minute. Given MoDo's writing skills, the value of accuracy must be lower than the bottom of the ocean. Sorry. That nuance stuff confuses me.


Dear Former Belgian,

The correct spelling is 'wanker'. I prefer 'Onan the Munificent'.

Yours truly,



"... if the liberal media had taken these Swiftees seriously from the outset ..." the presidential compaign might have been a serious one between two credible candidates,
rather than the farce it has become.

Scott Hudson

Kristof states that Rassmann is a Republican. But Rassmann has said "I turned Democrat in January." But, uhh, he then wrote a couple of days later "I am a Republican." Maybe Kristof flipped a coin and decided to use the Republican affiliation for Rassmann?

I think this raises questions about Rassmann's credibility and about Kristof's journalistic competence.

On August 5, 2004 Jim Rassmann was a Democrat ...


This is a partial transcript from "Hannity & Colmes,"
August 5, 2004, that has been edited for clarity.


ESTRICH: Mr. Rassman, can I ask you a question? You're
not a Democrat, are you?

RASSMAN: I turned Democrat in January. Previous to
that, I had been a Republican for 33, 35 years. I
didn't always vote Republican. But much of the time, I

But on August 10 he was again a Republican ...


Tuesday, August 10, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT


Nobody asked me to join John's campaign. Why would
they? I am a Republican, and for more than 30 years I
have largely voted for Republicans.


"and why won'the sign the Form 180 that would authorize reporters to verify his claims?"

I think it would be wise for Bush to have a Form 180 in his pocket at the first debate. The second Kerry brings up either Vietnam or the National Guard Bush, in his rebuttal, should show a copy of his signed Form 180 that allows all his records to be released. Then he tells Kerry he has a blank one and challenge Kerry to sign it after the debate. You probably don't want him to take it over to Kerry or people might see Kerry as a frightened little girl like they did with Hillary. After that the press could not ignore the fact that Kerry has not signed 180 and not released all of his records.


I don't know how many times to say it, but the only James Rassman from Oregon is not a registered Republican. According to the public record voting logs, James Rassman is and has been a registered Democrat.


Tom: Kristof served up such a tempting barrel of fish, it's not surprising that multiple bloggers fired roughly simultaneous salvos.

Fresh Air

While we're throwing logs on the fire, how about Kerry putting a documented phony--David Alson, who claimed to be onboard PCF-94 when the Silver Star incident took place but was in fact in a hospital bed--on center stage at the Democratic National Convention?

Kerry's narrative is somewhere between creative nonfiction and a tissue of lies.


"But every enlisted man who was with Mr. Kerry on various boats when he won Purple Hearts and Silver and Bronze Stars says he deserved them."

What about Steve Gardner, who served with Kerry on PCF-44, and now appears in some Swift Boat ads?

He wasn't with Kerry during any of the incidents for which Kerry was given these awards.

Thomas J. Jackson

The media did take the Swifties seriously and tried to bury them by ignoring them. The funny thing is that what they have been saying has been known by veterans for some time. One need only contrast the retractions mde by the Swifties and by the Kerry campaign to see who is more accurate. Perhaps there is something I am missing about the Swifties. Maybe you can explain it to the veterans who haven't bought either your line or Mr. Kerry's?


To clarify a previous post: Each political party has the primary responsibility to "vet" its candidates. But the media also assumes this role. In the case of John Kerry, the DNC and MSM have failed badly, and in so doing has damaged our democratic process.

My 2c, for what it is worth.

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