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September 15, 2004


Appalled Moderate

Kristof's source has been trying to get this story out for many years.

Interestingly, his tale does not jibe with MSM stories of Bush's Harvard years .


I'm out-done, good job.

I did check the FEC filings, so I am not a total slacker - Tsurumi gave $375 to the DNC in 2000, which hardly seems mentioning.

I expect we could match him to an anti-war rally at baruch, but why bother?

Jim Glass

"Nick Kristof continues to be troubled by Bush's Guard service ... Kristof delivers new witness against Bush".

Haven't the Dems *yet* learned that every time they make the military/ national security/ military leadership the issue, they lose??

"Oh, please, please, don't throw us in that briar patch", says Brer Rove.

This inability to stop obsessing about others not doing their fully military duty seems to be some addictive kind of psychological projection (see Clinton, W.J., and thousands of protestors recently here in NYC) that's really turning pathological.

BTW, Clinton's guy Dick Morris has a column today on how the Democrats' fixation on hating Bush rather than supporting Kerry stands to do them in.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Speaking of Bob--"Party Animal"--Mintz, you sorta have to admire a guy willing to take one for the team so badly, that's he willing to tell millions of people that he was so hard up for friends in 1972, that he was always on the look-out for anybody new who might transfer from out of state, and be willing to pal around with him.


...that he was always on the look-out for anybody new who might transfer from out of state, and be willing to pal around with him.

pre-internet, pre-blogs.

And Media Matters is whining that no one is paying attention to Prof. "Bush was driunk in class" Tsurumi.

Problem solved!


85 students, and Bush stands out. Wouldn't we have heard this story 4 years ago from at least 20 students. As much as the media wants to tell this story, haven't many HBS graduates been contacted by now? Editors at The Times, Globe, and WaPo undoubtedly know many of his classmates from Harvard, but we get some prof from Baruch. Did anybody check to see whether this guy was actually at HBS at the same time as Bush, and that he actually had him as a student. There seem to be a lot of elderly folks in this story with convenient memories, that don't exactly stand up beyond first impressions.


Hmm, some folks look at the Air America excerpt and say, c'mon, they were kidding around about Bush being drunk in class.

How droll.

But in that vein, armchair psychologists will want to try and guess the tone of these purported conversations Tsurumi relates to us. Was Young Bush seriously presenting his viewpoint to this humorless twerp (hmm, THAT is not fair and balanced!), or was Bush just winding him up - a bit of the old goad, tell the prof that Social Security needs to be rolled back and watch him get all red, tell him that we should fight in Vietnam, (but not me) and watch him splutter.

Just a thought. He does characterize Bush as shallow and flip, yet also tells us they had this seemingly-serious chat about his Guard sevice. Which is it?


Do you mean to tell me that sometimes students attend class after a mid-afternoon barley snack? Horrors.

I've been medium well done, and still managed to take legible notes in my communication theory class, and even remembered most of the lecture content.

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