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September 29, 2004



Isn't it possible that the Plame inquiry has uncovered more leaks of secret info by those "unnamed officers' who are quoted more often than the President on the front pages of the NYT? The same man prosecuting the Shenon case is prosecuting the Plame case.

There are people in the CIA(and DoS)(See "Bush v. The Beltway") sabotaging the Administration and Wilson's mewling pack of lies may just have opened up that door.

The Kid

The way I read the news reports, Fitzgerald has two separate issues with the NYT. The old one involves reporters Miller and Shenon and the latter’s tip to a terror-funding Islamic charity that it was about to be raided. From today’s New York Post:

"It has been conclusively established that Global Relief Foundation learned of the search from reporter Philip Shenon of The New York Times," Fitzgerald said in an Aug. 7, 2002, letter to the Times' legal department.

Fitzgerald is reportedly after Miller also for the Plame case, reports Susan Schmidt in the 9/16/04 WaPo:
Miller did not write an article about Wilson and his wife, but, according to the judge's order, she contemplated doing so, and "spoke with one or more confidential sources regarding" Wilson.

Look’s like Judith Miller has double trouble from Fitzgerald – was she trying to get the female victim’s view? (Shenon appears to be in even bigger trouble and a league of his own – looky here.)

As for Fitzgerald rolling up Novak, it seems that he’s after bigger fish. Your last link above – to the WaPo 9/10/04 Schmidt column – contains this nugget:
Fitzgerald has also asked questions in the Plame case about the disclosure of other classified material that appeared in news reports about the Niger uranium issue, according to one lawyer with knowledge of Fitzgerald's probe.

As I (probably poorly) connected some of the dots earlier, some of that classified information came from Wilson who probably got it from his wife. According to the SIC report, Wilson had no other contracts with the CIA after his 2/2002 Niger trip and therefore had no direct (legal) contact with classified information other than the shop talk he engaged in with his spouse. I continue to assert that early on Wilson had his wife serve as a source to WaPo’s Pincus in June 2003 in order to make the big time; thereafter, he carried his battle forward on his own with just a little help from his better half.

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