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September 09, 2004



Aren't we within the 60-day limit imposed by McCain-Feingold? Shouldn't any new 527 ads be illegal?


Bush should be illegal!


Anonymous should be ill{the remainder of this post has been censored for unlawful content}


Well since the New York Times is well known for the liars it hires such as "Walter Duranty" and "Jayson Blair" is it any suprise that their truth detector is as flimsy as the New York Times's editorial staff's tenuous grip on reality?


Why is that the leftie/liberal parasites and their lackeys, the dim-witted Dems can only depend on well known liars to prop up their campaign?

"Sharon Bush Denies Kitty Kelley Account"

Gary B.

Texans For Truth member Bob Mintz's charge against Bush is that "he never saw him their". Wow! What a damning and profoundly serious indicment. We're all very lucky that Mintz decided to sacrifice his personal privacy in order to alert the world about the possibility that Bush might not have rolled up the windows on his jet one time and so the seat was wet when Mintz had to fly his mission. Or was the lights left on over night? Maybe a parking ticket? Note: If you're gonna produce tickets please make sure to use the correct form.

If Mintz could prove that Bush flew to Cuba and met with Castro then hell, I'd even wanna talk to him. Destiny had arraigned a close encounter between Mintz and the future leader of the free world, but because Mintz had spent the previous night drinking cheap beer and eating jalepeno peppers he was inside the men's room blowing out both ends when Bush walked through the halls.

The Swift Boat Veterans made serious and credible charges against Kerry which stripped away most of his glory because they were true. But the DNC just don't get it.

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