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September 04, 2004



The article missed this point in the discussion of Letson and whether he treated Kerry.

"2) A wound is defined as an injury to any part of the body from an outside force or agent sustained under one or more of the conditions listed above A physical lesion is not required, however, the wound for which the award is made must have required treatment by a medical officer and records of medical treatment for wounds or injuries received in action must have been made a matter of official record."

Who was the doctor (medical officer) that treated Kerry? The orderly who signed the report was not a medical officer. If the orderly treated the wound then it did not meet the requirement of "must have required treatment by a medical officer."

A doctor from Vietman wrote this column.


Who was the medical officer that verified the wound was eligible for the purple heart? The wound that is described sounds like something every mother has done for her children. Pull a splinter and put a bandage on it if needed.

The controversy over whether there was enemy fire and whether it was self-inflicted doesn't matter if the wound did not "require treatment by a medical officer."

Who was the doctor? The paperwork release so far does not support the minimum requirements for a purple heart.


Doug's comment reflects the thoughts I have had since reading the regs several weeks ago. Does "medical officer" mean doctor? If it does, then Kerry's own defense of this issue (a medic's signature, not Letson's, on the medical report) has proven a PH wasn't merited.

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