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September 29, 2004


Patrick R. Sullivan

Kerry appears to be using the same make-up artist as Gore did in 2000.


Either the Kerry camp is daft (possible!), or this is a clever, expectations-lowering head-fake, as it were. Come Thursday night, Kerry will get some favorable comments if he manages to look even vaguely flesh-toned.

That is my best guess at an attempt to impute rational behavior to them, anyway.


Gore also advised Kerry: "John, one thing I forgot to do enough of was to mention the strong economy, and I'm sure it cost me votes. Don't forget, John: Strong Economy!"


Next up: The Official Boston Red Sox Guide To Winning Big Games Against The Yankees.

JM Hanes

Gore's advice is ever so much more interesting if you don't actually read it, but instead spend the time imagining -- as others are doing to amusing effect -- what you'd advise Al Gore to advise John Kerry to do. Gore's idea of advice is, "Go for the talking points, John." Of course that would be an improvement, all things considered.

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