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September 04, 2004



Oh, come on! You're telling me you typed all that in 60 seconds???

The Kid

You can scratch #1 off your list according to this FoxNews report :

Vice President Dick Cheney, who has had four heart attacks, called Clinton from Las Vegas and wished him well. Anne Womack, Cheney's spokeswoman, said the former president "sounded good."

This report again puts the lie to “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It’s never worked for social conservatives, as Bill Bennett can attest.

I think you’re right about #5, the terrorist attack and murder of children at the school in Beslan being bad for Kerry, but if it really is, why hasn’t Kerry brought it up yet? His soul mates, the EUnichs, have, and in a manner that betrays their ignorance according to this report:

In a statement in the name of the presidency of the 25-nation EU, Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot said on Friday that all countries should work together to stop such tragedies.

"But we also would like to know from the Russian authorities how this tragedy could have happened," he added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reacted with outrage on Saturday.

"Mr. Bot's elaborations are an absolute contrast with the wide international support and solidarity with Russia in these tragic days," the ministry statement said.

"Inappropriate statements by the Dutch minister look odious ... and blasphemous," it added. "We expect explanations from the Dutch side."

I can’t find one word Kerry’s had to say on the topic. Perhaps later this weekend…


Kerry is waiting to comment on Chechen terrorism to maximize criticism of Bush, as he has on the Sudan crisis. NYT Link

NANTUCKET, Mass., Sept. 2 - Senator John Kerry called on President Bush on Thursday to take the lead in stopping the killing of civilians in the Darfur region of Sudan by declaring it a genocide, pushing for tough United Nations sanctions on the government, backing the deployment of an international force and raising money for relief aid.
He called on Mr. Bush to "stop equivocating" and declare the attacks a genocide, and to release the findings of a State Department investigation of the crisis. Two dozen experts hired by the department spent a month interviewing refugees and confirming widespread atrocities, and their report, which includes 1,200 interviews, is on the desk of Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

Mr. Kerry also said the president should press the United Nations to create a commission to investigate possible war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

There's more, but if you want an anlysis of where Kerry is wrong and where the NYT failed to give the full picture, read NZ Bear's post Here.

Kerry deserves props for giving the Sudan crisis more publicity, but as usual, the main thrust seems to be to knock GWB and of course, promote the UN as the solution. Belmont Club also has some thoughts on the UN's handling of Sudan Here.


You'd think that Kerry would have figured it out by now. McCain was right. Leave the Vietnam War in the past, but what is left then? Not much. A 20 year Senate record that rivals his running mate's 4 year record, and that's the good part; the bad part looks 20 years old.
I expect to hear a lot about the Torricelli option, but who ?
Kucinich, space cadet.
Sharpton, oh please.
Dean, NOOOO!
Edwards, a bad clone of Quayle.
Clark, a bad clone of Kerry.
Gephardt, a mature grownup.
Lieberman, was next in line.


Sixty seconds? Hmm.

Were you in full pads or just shorts?

Are you a dog or a cat?

What'd you score on the Wonderlic test?

Early first round, I'd say.


P.S. Reminds me of that story of Lamar Odom who was going into the NBA draft. The scouts for a team said that they heard he had a drug problem with the chronic. They asked him about it. He said, "No, it's no problem. I only use it 4 or 5 times a week."


The MinuteMan shoots and scores! Clutch player for overtime!

Bad news is only good news for Kerry when it's bad news for America.

I really don't care about any of Kerry's medical records except for the ones related to his three Purple Hearts in Vietnam, and those solely on the chance that they reveal something to support or refute the possibility that his wounds were other than the result of enemy action.


Kerry is a remorseless peacenik in the Carter mould and can only spell disaster for wartime America against jehadi enemies who view any softness as weakness inviting to be brutally exploited.

Until we name the enemy (islamism or islamofascim), clampdown hard, militarily on islamist rogue nukes (Russia now should be keen to help and China is not yet strong enough to rebuff unilateral US action), snake out wahabi funding of madrasas and clerics in the west, there can be no discernable progress on the war on terror.


How do you run for Pres for over a year, win your party's nomination, and not leave voters with any idea what you would do if elected?

I know he hates Bush but what will he do other than raise taxes and make nice with the French and Germans?

Somehow I think Karl Rove will be able to figure out how to beat an opponent running on a platform that can be described as tax hikes and appeasement.

Kerry's strategy of whining about 30+ year old NG attendence records and draft deferments and now Susan Estrich's idea to look for more drunk driving convictions is pointless against a well known incumbent.

If Dole's far more heroic WWII and accomplished Senate records (compared to Kerry's) set against Clinton's draft dodging, womanizing and shady land deals couldn't win in 96, why does Kerry think refighting Vietnam is such a bright idea against Bush in 04? Running on character will thrill your base but you need policies to appeal to swing voters.

Karl Lembke

I thought the standard egg timer ran for three minutes. What are you hiding? :-)

Seriously, I find it interesting that early reports had Bush's audience booing when he offered his good wishes for Clinton's heart problem. (The first time I heard about it, it was a news item on the radio and included the booing meme. Then I caught wind of the controversy.)

Then I catch wind of complaints about the audience cheering when Bush offers his well wishes. (OK, what response do people want? Hmmmm???)


"Well, even if the 200 Swiftees are lying, what does it say about Kerry's character that 200 of his fellow officers and sailors would come out of the woodwork and lie, cheat, and steal to keep him out of the White House?"

It turns out that one of the SBVT lies was about how many people really signed that anti-Kerry letter; some Swift Boat Vets found out their names had been attached to it without their knowledge or consent — and they don't agree with the letter.

And the SBVT membership isn't really all Swift Boat Veterans — e.g. Kenneth Cordier, who was also with the Bush campaign (and just quit), is an Air Force veteran, not a Navy veteran — so there's another misrepresentation or inflated number.

But even taking the "200" at face value, that's out of some 3,500 Swift Boat Vets.   So 3,300 Swift Boat Vets didn't join in — despite some aggressive recruiting efforts being reported (aside from the above-mentioned outright forgery).   That's less than 1 in 13 for the SBVT.

You'd expect at least half the Swift Boat Vets (1,750 or more) to be Republicans and therefore against a Democratic candidate, so why did the other 1,550 Republican Swift Boat Vets not join in denouncing Kerry?

If you want to play numbers games, then start asking questions like that; the numbers actually end up looking good for Kerry.

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