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October 27, 2004


Paul Zrimsek

I think we're privileged to witness the birth of the successor to "politically correct".

Matthew Yglesias

Hm...where did I misinterpret that passage? I believe that if you read this post you'll see me criticizing Suskind's article in a manner of which I think you would approve.

Ben Noah

Heh. Great comparison to the ALCS.. I will share your pain all winter.


reality = perception of reality?

Go shoot craps in Vegas left wingers. You may or may not be happy with what you discover about reality. Don't forget to read a few books on how to beat the house and go with a gung ho and very positive attitude.

And you'll lose regardless.


Reality didn't change, you were just studying an insufficient portion of it for your purposes.


Ok, good point by Matt, who I was chiding for the "Proud Member of the Reality-Based Community" banner on his blog. But let me see, Matt has a prestigious job (complete with paycheck!) at a respected magazine, so he ought to be proud, and he is a writer, so (except for the Timesmen) he is reporting on news, not making it (or making it up)... uhh, Matt, any chance you were up for an appointment in the Kerry Administration?

If not, you probably are pretty committed to the reality based lifestyle, and I need a better example.

Excuse me while I throw some popcorn at my monitor.

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