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October 15, 2004



I wouldn't out anything past these assholes, but really, if they were going to do something like this, why do it in that particular state? It doesn't add up.

They'd much rather go with the false outrage over Kerry's comment about Mary Cheney. That'll take the heat off of Dubya's giant whoppers, for a while.


Correction: "put."

Robert Crawford

Yeah, a Republican dirty trick that took two or three weeks to break out. If it HAD been a dirty trick, don't you think it would have been "taken national" much quicker?

More importantly, has there been a SINGLE Democrat screw-up that hasn't been blamed on Republicans? They tried to blame Democrat-sponsored draft legislation on Republicans, AND claim that Rather's fake memos were a Karl Rove trick! Democrats have played that hand over and over and over in cases where it's so obviously false, I don't see how anyone could believe it in this case.

Robert Crawford

Oh -- and let's not forget that the Democrats tried to claim it was a "dirty trick" when Pakistan arrested a key al'Qaeda member after the Democrat convention! And the much-beloved myth of theirs that bin Laden will be arrested/killed sometime in the next two months after being secretly held for the last few years!

Sorry, but I simply cannot bring myself to believe ANY Democrat accusations of dirty tricks unless there's an adult with evidence to back them up. This one doesn't qualify.


Well gosh, that explains that. I guess we can throw that in with all the other Kerry campaign outrages that Democrats have blamed on the evil and omnipresent Karl Rove. How convenient to have a one size fits all explanation for stupidity. Democrats blame partisan Republican operatives for their admitted contact with an "unimpeachable" (chuckle) source for forged documents, Rather blames the same for questioning the documents at all. It's just a wonderful swirl of contempt for American voters.


You're right Rob-though you have to hand it to the Dems-getting Bush's New England campaign manager to resign today was pretty masterful.


yet when a pamphlet purportedly supporting the SBVT was found in a GOP office, none of these guys were screaming dirty tricks, were they? Here's my post, with links.


Hmm, the two photos are essentially the same as to background. The head shot of Bush has changed, however.


I'm sorry, but I know the true original picture.

It had nothing to do with politics, it read:

"Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics,
Even if you win you are still retarted."

I wish I could find the picture, but it's been used for years even before 9/11. It's for computer nerds who try to stop a stupid argument online.


Oh, it's the one he linked too :(


There you go.


Probably because the Alachua Republicans actually made that flyer, though they attribute it to a "volunteer."
Here's a link


The Democrats blaming the Republicans after every one of these self inflicted disasters has strong echos of the arabs saying it was the Jooooos after every one of their self inflicted disasters.

David R. Block

It was a Republican dirty trick that it was being distributed in a Democratic campaign HQ in Tennessee.


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sorry, I was responding to steve. Different flyer.

Old Patriot

Michelle Malkin has a post up on her site (http://michellemalkin.com/archives/000659.htm) that says it was a member of the Democratic Party state headquarters, but not Fitzhugh, that's responsible. Guess there are now some hard feelings between the local Dems and the "big guys" about stupid campaign tricks. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't, but if Karl Rove were truly responsible for everything the Dems claim he is, he'd have to be ten men.


I just wanted to confirm what Greg said above, about the original use of the picture.


Voting for Kerry is like running next to a swimming pool with scissors. Even if you get away without severe injuries, you're still stupid.


and this from Malkin (calling Joshua Michael Marshall)

Update IV: Democrats told the Associated Press that the infamous anti-Bush Special Olympics flyer was planted by a political opponent, implying it was a Republican.

James Mitchell, the man whom the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) promised could finger Fitzhugh, is quoted by the AP saying Fitzhugh was not responsible. "I don't want it pinned on Fitzhugh," the AP quotes Mitchell. "I want it pinned on the one who done it. Fitzhugh is a nice man." The report also claims that Mitchell "said he has no idea where it came from."

But that's not what Mitchell told me this morning. I told him that another news report quoted him saying that he didn't know where the flyer came from; I asked him if that was accurate and if he could tell me where the flyers originated. "The Democratic headquarters here." Are you sure, I asked him. "Yes," he said unequivocally. You mean the Democratic headquarters office downtown that also serves as the Fitzhugh campaign office? "Yes," he repeated. When I asked if he thought the Fitzhugh campaign was responsible for the flyer, which had been circulating around town for two weeks according to the local newspaper editor, Mitchell told me "I think it was a fellow from the campaign." Whoever it was, he was, "mean and stupid" and "it makes me mad because this hurts special needs kids."



I don't think anyone really believes it was done by a Republican. But if Karl Rove really were responsible then I think we would all be required to re-elect Bush.

Anyone smart enough to employ a guy who can do all that, that's genius that is.


how dare you? that is so heartless to make funof those people. just remember...what goes around comes around...see ya in the real world
p.s. i agree with greg


how dare you? that is so heartless to make funof those people. just remember...what goes around comes around...see ya in the real world
p.s. i agree with greg


how dare you? that is so heartless to make funof those people. just remember...what goes around comes around...see ya in the real world
p.s. i agree with greg


that picture is mean and hurtful. some people have disabilities in the world, and you're poking fun at them. im disgusted.


Who cares whether it was done by a Republican or Democrat, don't any of you break free from your political labels long enough to understand what an idiotic image that is? Whoever put this out there, they need to keep in mind that they could be in a car wreck tomorrow and be in a mentally disabled state. Wow, wouldn't that be karma biting somebody's ass off?


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