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October 26, 2004



As a Navy lieutenant, Kerry commanded five men and a small boat. His military performance was so pathetic, no one was sorry to see Kerry run home from Vietnam after three months of command. In fact, all of Kerry’s former superior officers have declared Kerry unfit to be CinC.

But, ever eager to criticize the military for personal gain, and after previously praising the use of Afghans at Tora Bora, Kerry is now denouncing these operations. The Tora Bora’s operation was well beyond Kerry’s skill set. Mountain operations are a bit different than making day trips cruising on a river in a small boat.

Kerry offers no proof that Osama was in the area. If he was, Kerry offers no proof that Osama escaped as opposed to being reduced to atoms from the heavy bombardment. Nevertheless, based on this empty bag, Kerry believes he should be President and Commander in Chief. Only the sophisticated and nuanced could be so stupid.

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