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October 27, 2004



I wonder how Wallace Shawn would feel about his movie being used like this, being a Bush-Cheney critic and a probable Kerry supporter.

In any event, that was amusing.


If you follow their links, you can stop wondering - that was from an interview with Wallace Shawn himself.


I wonder what Shawn's problem with Kerry is. From what I remember hearing, he's very far to the left, so maybe that's it.


I'm not old enough to remember the internal dynamics of "Democrats for Carter/Mondale '80," but the only time I can remember a major party nominee who had this level of support from people who despised him but hated his opponent with blind fury was GHWB in 1992. Which got him 38% of the vote.


Back in the 80's I went to a dreadful Wallace Shawn one-man performance which was a tirade about the virtues of the Sandinistas - something about how their ice cream was better than the stuff in El Salvador, or maybe it was worse - anyway, he had some metaphor I didn't get.

So yeah, I guess Kerry is too centrist and pro-war for him.

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