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October 02, 2004



Hmm, the after-action reports mentions shrapnel in the buttocks, but no rice. Still, that points to a different wound than Kerry's thigh-slapping.

The WaPo quotes Rassman himself as saying Kerry took some rice:

In an interview last week, Rassmann recalled that they climbed on top of the huge pile and dug a hole in the rice. On the count of three, they tossed their grenades into the hole and ran.

Evidently, Kerry did not run fast enough. "He got some frags and pieces of rice in his rear end," Rassmann said with a laugh. "It was more embarrassing than painful." At the time, the incident did not seem significant, and Kerry did not mention it to anyone when he got back on the boat. An unsigned "personnel casualty report," however, erroneously implies that Kerry suffered "shrapnel wounds in his left buttocks" later in the day, following the mine explosion incident, when he also received "contusions to his right forearm."

Anti-Kerry veterans have accused Kerry of conflating the two injuries to strengthen his case for a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Kerry's Bronze Star citation, however, refers only to his arm injury.


Rassman says something similar to the Globe.



Question: How does one get a bullet sized piece of metal. let alonemore, into your thigh without the bleeding, screaming, "oh my god a bullet sized piece of metal just went into my thigh muscle!" part?

Just curious.


see the astute blogger for more on Kerry's health.


CNN is doing a special tonight linked to a cnn.com story about the GRUELING demands of being the president - all the MORE reason Kerry MUST release his COMPLETE medical records.


John Van Laer


I don't know about the screaming part, but Kerry has written about this wound that the deck was running blood. What amazes me is the man's rapid recovery. I seem to remember he was returned to duty two days after the February 20th incident.

Daniel: Yeah, why won't he?

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