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October 19, 2004



one of the questions I wish someone managed to ask george bush during this interminable campaign is the likelihood of the US invading something if he's re-elected. The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, calls for forcible removal of states sponsoring terrorism, and these states are still going strong. So it would be nice to get him on the record saying either "it is unlikely that we'll be invading anything at this time" or "four more wars? hells yeah!".

I mean, I personally doubt the invasion of Iran is imminent, and in that case there'll probably be no draft. But it would be reassuring to hear Bush say it.


TM, is your email down? A message I sent to your hotmail address got bounced.

Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I obviously can't email this question to you.

Jim Glass

Great, Krugman has moved on from shrill to overt party-hack shill.

Does anyone remember when he used to savage folks like Edward Luttwak for thinking that their knowledge of military and national security issues somehow gave them some understanding of economics?

Well, now he's a military analyst. ;-)

Oh, no, not really, he's just he's pandering the Dems' new scare line that the draft that *Rangel* proposed in Congress -- and voted against when his bluff was called, his own bill -- is going to come back via the Repubs.

So for the next two weeks' it's gonna be "the booger man is going to draft the young and steal the pensions of the old!" Are the Dems really reduced to this?

Can't they find *anything* positive in Kerry's 20-year Senate record to run on?

Any Democrat who calls Republicans "liars" while pandering this line deserves to poke his eye out with his own nose.

Paul Zrimsek
Well, now he's a military analyst. ;-)

ex-Asst. Sec. Def. Joe Nye tells me there's a lot of that going around.

john marzan

If I were an 18-25 year old kid, I'd be scared silly too after seeing this MTV ad.


Serious stuff, no?

And, here's another one, involving Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Benicio Del Toro, Ricky Martin and Samuel L. Jackson.


It is just sickening that actors would allow themselves to be used in a propaganda scare campaign on the military draft. I think guys like Dicaprio and Sammy Jackson need to explain themselves to the public about their scare-mongering tactics.

And what happened to MTV? I thought they were supposed to be "non-partisan"? Aren't the just supposed to encourage kids to "register and vote"?

I hope it's not too late to undo the damage caused by MTV's below-the-radar campaign to defeat Bush in Nov.


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