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October 27, 2004



the notion that Kerry's elevation may force the Democratic Party to sober up and fly right reminds me of people I've known who stay with a really bad partner because they "know" that the partner "loves" them and therefore will change.
Doesn't work.

New Once

I emphasised my support for the war against Saddam, before I de-emphasised it.


I'm link-whoring, so......

Anyway, here's a (very amateurish) video of Kerry's own flip-flops (including the war):


Trust me, there was plenty of material left over.


"What we thought we were doing was getting him (Bush) to a place where it would be harder to go to war."

Hey, that's consistent. It's the same way he thinks giving the terror masters what they want will make them less likely to attack us.

It's consistent, all right. Consistently bonkers.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'But this "strategy" calls to mind what should have been the winning entry, if Mr. Scheiber would ever acknowledge it...'

I'm not sure how flattered I am, as this comes from a guy who also thought the Yankees would still be playing. But thanks.

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