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October 20, 2004



Channelling Wonkette, are we?

The Kid

Regarding the sex-satisfaction survey, I’m waiting for this response from the left-wing:

Of course Republicans report greater satisfaction with sex; they are too stoooopid to know any better.

What do Republicans know about sex? At night, in the dark, with one’s spouse. They can’t admit even to themselves – heck, they can’t imagine – anything better.

What’s a Republican sex scandal – going to a sex club in Yurrip and asking your wife to perform a sex act on you. In front of others. At the club. Probably French or German. Who wouldn’t notice because they are all twisted up with each other in a tribute, no doubt, meant to symbolize the open borders and many tongues within the EU. And she says, “No!” But he asked.

They tried to impeach Clinton even though most still haven’t figured out what Lewinsky did or what was on her dress. Wasn’t it Big Mac sauce?

What do Republicans know about anonymous encounters, sex with inanimate objects, or open marriages? They probably would go to a massage parlor because their backs hurt. And when they hear the phrase “coal chute,” they think you’re talking about energy distribution.

Heck, they are such dummies, they probably have sex with male sheep.

As for talking up Cheney’s daughter, sure they want to raise questions in the minds of conservative Christians, regardless of color. It may prove to be foolish if Republicans can point out that while both candidates profess to be foes of gay marriage, those in favor of it back, er, are behind, er, support Kerry.

Patrick R. Sullivan

The Curse of the A-Rod has infected Just One Minute--Mariner fans gloat.

And, didn't Jesse Jackson recently deride gay marriage in a campaign appearance with Kerry at a Black church?


Channelling Wonkette? I would say, "Move over, Wonkette", but how would people take it?


well, like the poll said: more men are republicans, so of course they're more satisfied with their sex lives. more women are democrats, and they're less satisified. it's more about a split between the satisfaction of men and women than the politics of the people involved. and men think they're god's gift to sex, when women really know it's just better to fake an orgasm than tell your partner that he has no clue as to what he's doing.


Darn, so much for my theory that Dems can't enjoy sex because when they light up a cigarette afterwards they are reminded of Al Gore and his dying sister.

Skip Kent

Thankyou Catherine, for that superb demonstration of feminine (feminist?) 'logic'!


hey, i'm always happy to point out men's failings!

Abu Qa'Qa

We republicans do enjoy better sex. It has to do with taking responsibility for your own happiness and not waiting on the gummint for a hand!


Since more Republicans are married, and most married couples, in order to stay married, must actually communicate with their partners, it's no small wonder that there is better sex.
Additionally, Republican guys "understand the market"- if they satisfy a woman/customer, they'll always come back for more. Don't satisfy her, and they keep shopping.
I think that Catherine's dating the wrong guys, or has scared away those sensitive enough to see to her satisfaction before theirs. And the guys who understand the market? They know that sometimes you just can't satisfy "problem customers".


hey, i'm always happy to point out men's failings!

Maybe that's why you have fewer orgasms.

Richard Cook

"hey, i'm always happy to point out men's failings!" Sez Catherine.

While blind to her own.


Catherine – perhaps you’re taking the wrong approach. Instead of, “tell[ing] your partner that he has no clue as to what he's doing,” how about, “Honey, you know what really turns me on… [adverb][verb][noun]…”.

Most men just want to please and will jump right in. If he doesn’t, find a new one; preferably a Republican.

M. Simon


Glad to see you standing up for lies in a relationship. It renews my faith in women. They can't be trusted. Whose idea was it to give them the vote anyway?

BTW Wonkette - I still haven't found the pictures.


Hmmm, shouldn't that be "roll over, Wonkette"?

As for catherine, an admitted Democrat (even if she didn't intend such an admission), is probably dating Democrat men, exclusively. And since the Republican base has become ever so much more male over the last decade or so, and as such has pretty much become an affirmative test for testosterone, chance are catherine is dating self-selected girlie men.

No wonder she's not satisfied. She'd be better off with Republicans, but in a pinch could settle for a battery operated toy. Even that's gotta be better than a Democrat girlie man...


hey, i'm always happy to point out men's failings

Hmm. Shouldn't that be "shortcomings"?


In my informal survey (rating the men I've had "experiences" with) - the absolute WORST was a very liberal Democrat ... and the best was (is) a Republican (my hubby).


Ha! None of you understand. We're Republicans. We have guns. I'd damned well better report that I'm very satisfied, nay, estatic over my sex life. Mama had that .38, Donks tend away from gun ownership so it's safe for those guys to be disatisfied.

Paul Zrimsek

If you're going to fake 'em, ladies, don't blame us for the result; we're doing the best we can with the faulty information provided by our intelligence services.

Jack Tanner

Catherine -

when the phone don't ring you'll know it's me.

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