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October 13, 2004



I was watching NBC (not by choice, only one cable connection and the son had that)and they showed after the debate Therezsa. She looked like an old hag, angry and totally unlovable!!


kerry is a demogogue who played the race-card:

kerry charged bush had never met with the cbc. he did.

kerry claimed that 50% of black men in nyc are unemployed.

this seems false to me. a ny'er.

who will factcheck this?


Integrity, integrity, integrity! Does anyone believe this is a real quote? Was the hospital in Cambodia around Christmas time?

Best line was when Bush eyeballed CBS' Bob Schieffer while questioning whether network news endorsements of Kerry's health plan were necessarily credible. Choice.


I think Bush won, but Kerry did a good job too. But hey, didn't you think Bush won the first one?


Bush is Kerry's daddy? Come now, that's an exaggeration. One refuted less snarkily by the instapolling and, I imagine, longer range polling.

Someone was the daddy, all right.


hey, didn't you think Bush won the first one?

I was very crafty in my phrasing, but my gist was, Kerry did not win the first one by enough to change the dynamics of the race. Pretty astute, huh?


Haven't see the transcript--did Kerry actually say that 50% of black men are unemployed in NYC? I expect the NYTimes will be pointing that out. Not. (Can you imagine a republican saying suh a falsehood, and living to see the morning?)


Just saw the replay, and he did say 50% of black men in NYC are unemployed. Is Kerry a joke, or what? Helps his base to report such a falsehood. Wonder what Kos has to say. Disgusting. Who's undecided after this? Clueless, is all.


I was very crafty in my phrasing, but my gist was, Kerry did not win the first one by enough to change the dynamics of the race. Pretty astute, huh?

Perhaps not your finest moment as a prognosticator. But OTOH, I think that's what happened tonight. Bush won, but he also needed Kerry to suck to get any bounce, and that didn't happen. And tomorrow's OBL quote newscycle should be murder on Bush. Karl, if you're reading this, I think it's time for the "surprise" ;)


but don't feel bad, Tom. I'm pretty sure I guaranteed no Bush convention bounce somewhere in your comment archives.


A clarification will be issued today, in which Kerry will amend what he said to say that 50% of unemployed blacks in the state of NY are men.

Patrick R. Sullivan

50% of blacks unemployed? Well, maybe he's anticipating more of this:



"...it was always raining in Kerryville - was there anything that Bush and this Administration did not do wrong?"

He managed to do quite a few things wrong. I'll crib from Brad Delong, for purposes of brevity: "...the Bush administration [has] governed (i) from the right on culture, (ii) from the orbit of Pluto on national security, and (iii) from the Gamma Quadrant on the economy."

Bush did have a few good points, but with his outrageous whoppers, his bizarrely bad jokes, odd speaking style, and pathetic shots at Ted Kennedy, among other things, he didn't win. He didn't get completely blown out of the water, mind you, but he didn't really win on substance, and he certainly didn't take it on style.

Specifically, I am glad that Kerry didn't demagogue outsourcing that much. If anything is bound to bite him in the ass, it might be that.

Oh, and I'm not sure that the Krugman piece says what you think it says.



Most agree that Kerry won Debate 1, but he spent the next two debates, including the 3rd one which was supposedly only on things domestic, explaining, unsuccessfully, what he meant by his asinine "Global Test" remark in Debate 1. And he spent lots of time on the stump trying to get out from under it, also unsucessfully. ("Global & Elsewhere"- Elsewhere? Klingons?). There's a term for such win: a "pyrrhic victory".


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