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October 25, 2004



Height-ism again!


I laughed out loud when I read that. Sometimes I think that democracy would be great if it wasn't for all the voters. Also, John Kerry is POLISHED?

capt mike

Basically, what you have are three people who would reliably vote for a normal democrat in normal times. Let's boil it down as to why they're "undecided":

Voter #1 just dislikes Kerry and doesn't want to vote for someone she dislikes as president;

Voter #2 feels security is the critical issue and doubts Kerry has the willingness to buck world opinion;

Voter #3 dislikes Kerry as being "too polished", and although she doesn't agree with Bush on the issues, admires Bush as a remarkably honest man. Apparently honor is what matters to her.

Kerry's negatives: not likable, weak, and dishonest.

These voters may think they're "undecided", but they have made up their minds for Bush and just don't realize it yet. If this is an accurate representation of the "undecided" voter, it's going to be an early night next Tuesday with Bush in a landslide.

Remarkable for the Old York Times.


What is interesting is how, in that small sample, the Republican Attack Message about Kerry (aka "the truth") came through.


Liberal Jews for Bush.
More Jewish liberals for Bush.
More liberals for Bush.
More Gore voters for Bush.


polls would be nice, yehudit

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