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November 04, 2004


Brad DeLong

But this is a Bay Area tradition! To his dying day, Mario Savo refused to acknowledge that the biggest mark he left on American politics was in greatly boosting Ronald Reagan's campaign for governor of California.

Indeed, I could start a fight right now by walking 200 yards toward the Golden Gate, entering the Free Speech Movement Cafe, and say "Why are we celebrating the source of Ronald Reagan's political power?"

We're naive and clueless! It's our specialty!!

Patrick R. Sullivan

Gasp! When Professor DeLong beats me to saying it, what is there left to blog for.


From Grover Norquist:

"Social conservatives are a very important part of the base, but they are not enough alone," said Grover Norquist...

I think it is the Party of the Naive and Clueless versus the Party of "Who are these people that call themselves my allies?"


It's not like they are bad people, they are just a bunch of intellectually vain folks whose insulation has led to a complete intolerance of any other point of view but theirs.


Well, Patrick, the Prof is going to be a lot more influential in re-making his party than either you or I will be, and good luck to him.

Jim Glass

Talk about very smart people being stupid to the point of imbecilic (not to mention 'intellectually vain, insulated, completely intolerant of any point of view but theirs'), note the story of how the likes of Richard Dawkins and John LeCarre turned an Ohio county from Gore in 2000 to Bush in 2004.


Of course it's among the most common of human failings to believe that one's expertise in one's own field carries over into other fields.

But when the other field is politics, it's like one's expertise in one's own field entitles one to remove one's own brain and leave it in a locker in the bus station, scrape out whatever instinctual common sense might still be attached at the open nerve endings, and just be a pure dufus.


Just a little humor from leftieland:

The new world.

Jim Glass

God will smite them for that.


We've got two major parties in this country, both hell-bent on committing suicide. The Democrats are just better at it.

It's the extra intelligence, I guess.


Looks like the first things on the agenda are making the tax cuts permanent and changing the rules on appointments to the SCOTUS. Its not just the war. I’d say Roe v Wade is going to be going to Paris like Arafat did – with probably the same result.

Patrick R. Sullivan

"the Prof is going to be a lot more influential in re-making his party"

He already epitomizes his party. What's to re-make?


Slarti - I know lots of folks who make the same kind arguments as Smiley does - mostly people reacting to a strict evangelical upbringing who are mad as heck about it. As you point out, thier anger can be rather , er, counterproductive.

Lurking Observer


Yup. Did you see how Dubya ordered the military in Iraq to stand-down 'til after the first new SCOTUS is appointed? Damn the man, apparently he's prepared to put the entire War on Terror on hold 'til after Rehnquist resigns and the Senate confirms.

What an idjit. Can't do two things at once, unlike that Mr. Kerry. Nosiree.



Did I say he wasn't going to flatten Fallujah? Don't think I did. I think we are about to squash the place - pacify it if we make every last one of them a martyr. Wonder if the survivors will get to vote?

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