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November 30, 2004



It could be that the announcement is intended to encourage the bad guys to let down their guard a bit, making them easier to nab. Or have I read too spy thrillers?

The Kid

Perhaps they bagged Osama and the purpose of Musharaff’s visit is twofold:
1. To present Bush with Osama’s head, and
2. To accept the nomination for Secretary of Defense to replace Rumsfeld.


People forget that the 3rd Afghan War, began in
Waziristan,back in 1919; over over a much more trifling law enforcement situation.That thirty years before that;
Toung Winston and his associate Capt. Haldane (the same
Haldane,who would be the Sherman of 1920s Iraq) were
tooling around the same area


Ever consider weather?

Major John

Without revealing anything classified I think I can say that the huge Pakistani deployment and the operations conducted there have pretty much wrapped up as a success. You don't have 70,000 guys stay around when your targets are pretty much dead or captured...Oh, and in my completely unofficial opinion, tape be damned, Osama is Vulture Chow.

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