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November 04, 2004



I have to agree with you TM. Wonkette is lame. I stopped by when it first got going, was truely impressed with the high school girl's bathroom humor, and never returned. Now I see she's a media darling with appearances on the cable talk and panel shows. If Drudge tried the garbage mouth approach, nobody would read him--we already have one too many Howard Stern.

Paul Zrimsek

Wonkette will be big for about as long as Bill Maher was. It's people like Megan who will go down in the annals of blog history. That's annals, dammit. Annals.



BTW, don't know that Insta is conservative, either. Small "l" libertarian or classic liberal would be closer to the mark.


i personally think wonkette's great, but her old blog theanticmuse.com is much better. still funny, more thoughtful content the posts were all very long, unlike wonkette), and yes, there were far less jokes about bums3x.


incidentally, tom, you haven't been nearly as insufferable as you predicted, and i'm finding just about any right-wing opining pretty insufferable at the moment. but will it last? ;)


You're spot on, but I actually think it's good to have the MSM give waaaay too much credence to the crap spewed at wonkette or the drivel put forth from Kos......after all, look at what these "rising stars" managed to influence?

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