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November 07, 2004


A different NJ Tom

You mean that a billionaire European-African wife of a candidate that came off as elitist should have kept her damn mouth shut so she didn't give more material to his opponents? Wow, we learn new, shocking things all the time!
One of my friends came up with a similar idea that maybe just maybe has-been and never were Rock stars from Rumson and post rehab actors known for the line 'hey dude, let's party' should keep their damn mouths shut too. I was like that's totally crazy talk.

Mike G

While THK was a liability and I highly agree with whoever (John Derbyshire?) who said one of the best things about the election is that he won't have to pay any attention to anything she says ever again (well, unless she marries Evan Bayh or something), it would be ridiculous to regard her as ranking any higher than the bottom half of the top ten as to why Kerry lost. There's an excellent NY Times piece today about Florida, which basically says that the Dems went in ready to refight 2000-- concentrating on the urban centers pols always visit and fielding armies of lawyers-- while the GOP just skipped past them and invented the 2004 way, concentrating on suburban "edge cities" which are fast-growing, right-leaning and, needless to say, areas where a visit from a pol are much more of a novelty. Result: a margin that staggered any Democratic attempt to recount their way back up to a win. I have a feeling there are a dozen ways like that in which the Dems fought the last war and the GOP fought the next one-- not least the fact that the supposedly populist Dems hoped to do it all with billionaire money spent on TV ads, while the supposedly elitist GOP STOLE the election through the grossly unfair and undemocratic method of motivating their base and ensuring they got out and actually voted. Cheaters!


I believe the correct version of that old saying is "if you can't duct it, f--k it."


What about Michael Moore's mouth? Michael Moore lost more votes for Kerry than Theresa Heinz.
What about the ridiculous Air "America" radio network? Leaking money like a sieve while taking political negativity to new lows daily? Very laughable, certainly, but no doubt losing many votes for Kerry.

Negative, so,so negative. The loony lefty extremo dems hijacked the whole party and made anyone who voted for Kerry look like a jackass. When will my real democratic party come back? Anybody?

A different NJ Tom

When will my real democratic party come back? Anybody? It's not coming back, it's time for a new party that people like me who don't want to be associated with the wacky left but don't have the heart to sneer "my mom from Massachusetts" with the sufficient disgust that our dear President requires can join. Who knows, maybe Tom will join that party, afterall he's never met my mom ;}.


Your Democratic party is dead.

I've looked at the people who run it, the second stringers who make it work, and the next generation coming up. It's dead. D-E-A-D. Only the MSM is keeping it going, through massive life support. The DP has really become the Socialist party in all but name, and is seriously flirting with the Communists. (Google Texas Political Progressive Caucus if you don't believe me).

You, the real disenfranchised, will only have a party again when the Dems are laid to rest as an extreme fringe party, which will allow the Republicans to finally schism into the "RINOs" and "True Repubulicans." The RINO's will be the socially-concious, pro-gay, pro-abortion party, while everything that the media loves to cariacature about the Republican party will go with the TR faction. Which one keeps the name of Republican will be the major fight.

It sounds self-serving, but the only way you're going to have a party again is to abandon the Dems to the fringe, and work to elect more Republicans.


I thought the Times article on the Rep strategy in Florida was just more brutalization of their Democratic readership. Can't they relent and run a good-news piece for the Dems? E.G., I thought Vanessa Kerry was chariming on her Election night television appearances.

And forthr Other Tom, I think there is a party in the center waiting for both of us. All it needs is a host. Like McCain.


Theresa Heinze Kerry never had her heart in this campaign. I'm willing to assume she woke up just about every morning into a waking nightmare of her husband running for president. Can you imagine having to live with someone who can't make up their mind and stand on it? I bet he has arguments with himself about which pair of socks to wear.
It must make her even crazier than she already is.


Oh, THK had her heart in this campaign -- or at least her power-hungry gut -- as illustrated by the vast quantities of money she poured into it. She very much wanted the trophy of the White House and, since she couldn't be elected President herself, armed herself with a guy who could and went on safari for it. Extending the hunting metaphor a bit further, she then ignored whatever competent advice her guides might have been giving her, blundering noisily through the brush and helping scare off the game.

Other Tom and TM, sign me up for that party in the middle.


I dunno - I think Moore & company did cost Kerry some votes, but they also kept votes from going to Nader, who was a complete non-factor in this election.

IMHO, this election was about the war in Iraq, and simply more people in the US were for it than against.

Jim C.

from the article

During the early summer, Mr Kerry implored Mr McCain... to become his running-mate, meeting him seven times. He even offered to expand the vice-presidency to include running the Pentagon...

Mr McCain told him he was out of his mind, and went on to embrace Mr Bush. “Goddammit,” a furious Mr Kerry said to an aide. “Don’t you know what I offered him? Why the f*** didn’t he take it?”

Because McCain can't be bought. This incident says it all. Kerry thinks he can buy people. After all, Teresa bought him.

She even sent him off on errands, such as fetching bottles of water.
When he's trying to run for President? How self-centered and stupid can she be? Like I said, apparently Teresa bought him.

ubu wrote: "Google Texas Political Progressive Caucus if you don't believe me" I googled that and came up with bupkis on a group with that name. How about a link?


According to the Newsweek article, Teresa was very ambitious to become First Lady. She had wanted her first husband to run for President.


Kerry lost for all kinds of reasons, big and small, just as Bush won for all kinds of reasons, big and small.

Did Teresa hurt Kerry? Undoubtedly. Was it decisive? Who really knows? I know I couldn't stand her, but I was never in play for voting for Kerry anyway. I suspect most of us who voted for Bush/against Kerry did so for the big reasons: the war, the economy, and yes, they oft-discussed "moral values."

As for the Dems at large, it seems most telling to me since '68 the party has had no credibility on national security, and that the only two Dem presidents since were either anomalous (Carter, due to the Nixon/Watergate/Ford pardon/Reagan primary challenge events) or due to a perceived decrease in threats (Clinton, post-Cold War) to national security. I generally think until the Dems can offer voters credibility (Kerry has an Iraq plan? Don't you think it would be awfully patriotic of him to offer it to the nation now, now that he no longer needs it?) on national security, it doesn't much matter what the extraneous issues such as gay marriage, Teresa, etc. are, as they’ll lose when voters think the nation needs defending. Right now, their obsession with the "moral values" issues suggests, strongly, they are woefully ill-equipped to come to terms with this issue anytime soon.


Jim C.,
What article ? Love to read it . Thanks.


I do not understand a party which claims to support progressive social platforms, ie, gay marriage, then turns around a voted against their own social platforms. In a couple of very blue states, Kerry had won while those same progressive voters voted to banned gay marriage.

The Democrat Party was given an opportunity to vote their platforms yet they rejected their own platforms.

Dave Schuler

THK made it possible for Kerry to get the nomination and impossible for him to win the election. Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

Jim Glass

"... I think there is a party in the center waiting for both of us. All it needs is a host. Like McCain."

The thing about McCain is that he is a conservative -- a *real* conservative on almost every issue.

The moment I realized there truly was no substance to Kerry's campaign -- or to the Democrats this year -- was when they went through that dance trying to land McCain as his running mate.

Just to get marginal votes to win the election they were willing to run the risk of putting in the White House someone who runs *counter* to what the Dems claim to stand for on every key issue, from "A" for abortion on -- should one of President Kerry's botox injections go bad, say. And they were actually giddy at the prospect!

Kerry was out of his mind to try to land McCain -- if Kerry couldn't see that, it just shows how bankrupt as to principle the Dems have become.

Somehow McCain has come to be viewed as a "moderate" and every Dem's favorite Repub because: #1 he was for campaign finance reform, and #2 he was willing to criticize Bush.

But note how fast the Dems threw #1 overboard when Soros & his four billionaire friends showed up with $74 million is 527 money -- McCain did *not like* that.

And as for #2, most of McCain's criticisms of Bush are that Dubya is *not conservative enough*, spends too much damn money, uses the government for too many social programs, wasn't assertive enough militarily in Iraq, etc.

If the Dems had found him president one day as a result of running on their ticket it would've served them right.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Yes, the truly amazing thing about Democrats is how they maintain their belief in their own intellectual superiority in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

Can't understand why McCain wouldn't want to end his political career once and for all, to help out the guy who connived with the enemy who was, at that very time, torturing him in a Vietnamese POW camp. The idiot!

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