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November 19, 2004



Ronnie goes after everybody - He prosecuted Kay Bailey Hutcheson a few years back and the prosecution failed because the court refused to allow the crucial evidence.

DeLay has not yet been indicted - so what is the fuss? (smile)


We politic like we play football here in Texas, except with politics shoulder pads and helmets are optional.


How many democrats has Earle prosecuted? How many republicans? Facts are irrelevant right?


"Secondly, does Mr. Kurtz really not believe that politically motivated prosecutirs(sic) sometimes stalk the land?" [Proceed to reference FEDERAL special counsel as examples, having just made a federal/state distinction].

Unless the point is intended to be limited to targeting elected officials (which it may well be on this thread; in which case please ignore this comment as OT), have the state examples not been abandoned too early? Moving beyond Texas, I hear there's a bit of a flap in Florida, for instance. Something about the pharmacological habits of a certain conservative radio personality.


It amuses me infinitely that you cited and quoted my 1996 college editorial.

Whatever the case, then, as now, the general consensus was that Earle would target his political opponents and those of his pals, whether they were Republican or Democrat. Time was, there were fierce battles in the Democratic primaries here, so Earle would sometimes target the Democrat who he or his pals opposed. It was just a Republican/Democrat thing.

Also, the problem is really that the power to prosecute states ethics violations rests in the hands of our district attorney who is elected within one county (Travis County in Austin). It would seem to make more sense to have that prosecutor be fully accountable to the state. Thus, either the Texas Attorney General or perhaps the Texas Ethics Commission should have that job rather than one of the 200+ District Attorneys in Texas.

Thomas Nephew

The news that, back when every officeholder was a Democrat, Mr. Earler mostly prosecuted Democrats is not fully responsive to the question at hand. Times have changed in Texas, and, for all I know, Mr. Earle is part of a desperate rear-guard action. Or maybe he is a great American.

It seems pretty responsive to me. Guess it depends what your question is. Mine is "Does Earle go after politicians whether they're Democrats or Republicans?" -- yes. I suppose yours is "Does Earle have the temerity to maybe indict Tom DeLay?"

If "for all you know" Earle is part of a "desperate rear guard action" *or* he's "a great American", maybe you should save everyone the trouble of reading your speculations on the subject, or add a few more like "he's sending me deadly brainwaves right now."

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