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November 09, 2004



Funny Barbra didn't quote the immediately preceding part:

[S]eeing that we must have somebody to quarrel with, I had rather keep our New England associates for that purpose than to see our bickerings transferred to others. They are circumscribed within such narrow limits, & their population so full, that their numbers will ever be the minority, and they are marked, like the Jews, with such a peculiarity of character as to constitute from that circumstance the natural division of our parties.

Or, for that matter, the part where he discusses the nefarious effects of George Washington's popularity with the people . . .


From Jefferson's letter: Perhaps this party division is necessary to induce each to watch & delate to the people the proceedings of the other.

What I find interesting about the post-election lamenting by Democrats is the irony of their "stupid" message.

It was the role of the Democrats to "watch & delate". Their message is that they did so with such perfection, or near perfection, that they can be held blameless in light of the stupidity of the red-staters.

The obvious "reality-based" answer is that the Democrats were either too stupid to convince a majority of people of what they said was an obvious case or ...

The Democrats were lying and deluded.

If you're self-deluded, wouldn't you call yourself reality-based?

Frank IBC

This, from the genius who gave us the supposed "beware of leaders who bang the drum of war" quote from Shakespeare...


Anyone remotely familiar with Shakespeare would have noticed that among other things, this "quote" does not have regular meter, while most of Shakespeare's works are in iambic pentameter (lines of five pairs of syllables in which the second of each pair gets the beat).

Fredrik Nyman

Note that Ms. Streisand also provides a handy list that ties into your recent post proposing survey questions PIPA should ask but won't.

The Sanity Inspector

Barbra Streisand? Please--just leave the fish in the barrel alone.


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